Zoom Dating During Coronavirus Crisis Translate into a Post-Lockdown Relationship

zoom dating

The coronavirus caused a global crisis shutting all of us right in our homes denying us mobility or freedom to go on with our daily lives as before. One of the things this may have affected is the dating world. All those people out there wanting to have a sense of companionship have to learn how to date or have sex virtually through a sex dating site. Well this being a modern era, the possibilities are quite endless when it comes to a physical relationship without touching.

How Does Zoom Dating Work?

For the most part, you may have to rely on your dating profile online and the swipes you make on the screen, till you are matched with someone on a sex dating site like www.nostringsdating.net. After that, the normal protocol would be to meet them in person, and this is where the Zoom app comes in. Zoom is a cloud-based video-calling app and not a sex dating site, but you can use it to connect with anybody over a distance and that too with quality video graphics, which may depend on your data strength. The several advantages of using this for virtual dating are:

  • It works on your TV hence a big screen can provide a closer to real experience than a small screen.
  • The app can be used for free, and spending money can be further reduced as you don’t have to travel or get dressed up for the meeting.
  • You’ll feel more at ease in the comfort of your home hence you can present yourself with confidence.
  • With a busy online schedule even during the lockdown, you may find it easier to fit a Zoom meeting into your schedule than anything else.
  • Screensharing features in Zoom can let you go on a movie date right at home where you and your date can enjoy a movie at the same time virtually.
  • It is always possible to avoid awkward goodbyes if the date doesn’t work out so well.


Success Rates

The chances of having a successful dating life all depend on your dopamine and oxytocin levels in the body. When Dopamine imparts want and craving, the oxytocin gives you feelings of attachment and affection. Low serotonin levels can also lead to obsession. But desperate times call for desperate measures and if not now, then when?

Even though virtual dating alone cannot determine the success rates, the post-lockdown phase can allow you to judge it by yourself and in person. After the lockdown ends, there comes the prospect of meeting face to face, and all the virtual dates you’ve gone on can boost up the chemistry and may just let you have a blast.

Bottom Line

Even though it is not a sex dating app, Zoom provides a good virtual experience. There may be some hindrances here and there about the usage of the app and your internet connection, but overall it is quite a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable experience.



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