What Kind Of Youtube Intros Gain The Most Attention?

Video content today is the go-to form of content marketing. Everything from a small business to a conglomerate needs a digital presence. Video content has become almost synonymous to the world of digital. This change has enabled content creators to push-up the quality of YouTube videos.

A poorly produced video, with inferior quality, will drown in the barrage of online content. In such a time, useful tools like an intro maker for youtube or video editors add a lot of value to the work. Some things as simple as a video intro can make a drastic difference in your video retention and click-generation.

Let’s take a deep dive into everything you need to know about how to make a youtube intro.

What Exactly is a YouTube Intro? 

A small, precise introduction gives users context to your channel, the specific video, and provides a gist about the nature of the content. 

Many may argue that an intro can take away precious run-time and are easily skippable. This statement is not true because first-time visitors to the channel will need to rely on this to understand what they are contributing their time towards.

Why is an Introduction this Important?

The point of a video with digital marketing is two-fold. One, to get clicks to your business and direct traffic to your website. The second is to retain the users on the video. An intro is one of those things that helps strategically push for the end goal.

Here is why it is crucial –

It Explains The Context

Imagine reading a book, but having no idea what the story entails. Time is a precious commodity, and people think more than twice before investing it into anything. Thus your intro must give brands information, define the purpose or title of the video and explain to them what they will get out of the video.


Some of the most simple rules that make a video worth watching are overall packaging. An introduction, end credits, subtitles, colour balance — all of these are crucial elements to a good video. However, the opening comes right at the start and sets the tone of the video, which makes it one of the essential elements.

Generate Brand Identity

Some songs or images always remind you of a brand. Be it the theme song to a TV show, or the emblem of a brand. All of these factors help to provide a superior’s brand image. Since the intro to a video can be made short and accurate using an intro maker for YouTube, they help embed the model of your brand in the minds of the users. Which, in turn, is the end goal of effective marketing.

How to Make the Perfect YouTube Intro? 

Now that we know why this is such an important task, here are few factors to keep in mind when making the perfect YouTube intro. One can easily depend on InVideo’s intro maker for YouTube online and do this in a few clicks.

1. Keep It Short And Simple

Remember that your intro is where you do not share details. The best openings are not more than 15 seconds long. Find a way to make them as crisp and informative without losing the attention of the audience. Any intro longer than 15 seconds must be trimmed as it could lead to your users tuning out of the video.

2. Stick to the brand ideology

The intro to a video is a reflection of your brand. So use the logo or placement of your brand wisely. Ensure to use colours and fonts that complement the brand image. Make sure the introduction is not just an array of information but a well-written presentation with a subtle push to your brand.

3. Consistency

Create a tasteful template for your intro and stick to it for as many videos as you can. This process will help to embed your brand’s image in the minds of the users. It is also easy to re-use from time to time and easy on the pocket for small businesses.

4. Give information

Like we have mentioned many times. The primary goal is to inform the users about the video, so make sure this information is as accurate as possible. Do not create a click-bait using this introduction. The best way to gain the attention of your users is by giving them what they desire.  

5. Make it catchy

Why do you still remember the theme songs of cartoons you saw as a kid? The answer is simple, they were catchy, and you saw them every day. This is precisely the emotion you want to extract from a YouTube video intro. Use music that matches the mood of the content. You can either compose a track from scratch or use a royalty-free track from the internet.

What is the Best Way to Make a YouTube Intro? 

There are two ways to get an app intro made in this age of technology. The first one is to hire a studio or an editor to create a file for you that can be placed in all your promotions. The second and more effective way is to use an intro maker for YouTube.

These online applications can be used to create the perfect intro for your video with simple drag-and-drop features. They cost almost nothing and can be done in a matter of minutes.  

Some online applications also offer pre-existing templates that can be used to create an intro without any prior experience in the field. They come with easy to customise options that can be changed to fit your brand image. Thus, making this daunting task as easy as possible.

Now that you know how to make a YouTube intro, and what it takes to keep an audience retained, it’s time to get those wheels in motion. Ensure you use the into to send leads to your website or products. Think of the introduction as the engine that drives your train of content. The moment the engine is weak, the train will come to a halt. 


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