Ways to Matching Earrings to Hairstyles

Earrings are a thing of beauty. Whether you own a contemporary earrings, vintage earrings, or antique earrings– no matter the era, they are a great addition to any outfit, and can often make an outfit. However, it can at times be quite difficult to find the perfect pair of earrings that match your hairstyle. But there is no need to worry; we are here to show you your different options when matching earrings to hairstyles.

First things first, it is important to consider the length of your hair, your bone structure, and the dimensions of your face in general, when you start to consider which earrings to wear.  For example, if you have a pixie cut and a long face then hoops are your friend in order to create width. You don’t want to necessarily wear really long, drop earrings if you already have a long face.

Of course, there are no absolute no-nos. If you are keen on wearing some out-there earrings that don’t per se match your hairstyle then there is nothing stopping you. Below are mere guidelines if you are looking for any advice when matching earrings to your hairstyle.


The simple stud is a great type of earring! Firstly, they have can be really nostalgic. After all, for most of us the silver or gold stud earrings were the very first earrings we ever wore. There are of course many different styles, in addition to the plain silver stud. We have the cluster stud with a central feature stone, surrounded by smaller gemstones. Another popular pair of stud earrings are pearl stud earrings, often just featuring one showstopper pearl. The possibilities are almost endless.

Stud earrings look good with long hair; however they can get a little lost in a mane. So have a bit of a play around with an up-do or a half-up and half-down do. Or you can opt for a larger, statement stud earring in order to pop out from your luscious locks.

For those of us with shorter hair studs look fantastic and are possibly where they work best. You can wear a simple stud or a statement stud and you’ll still be able to see them and adore them.


Hoops are great earrings – full stop. This is primarily because they are extremely versatile and suit everyone. Not only that, but they are back in style, and are definitely trending, at least if the catwalks are anything to go by. Hoops come in different sizes, and range from very large to small little huggies. Some prefer the more subtle hoop, while others enjoy really big hoops. There’s a style for everyone and every mood.

Hoops look fantastic when worn by those with longer hair. You can wear your hair up, in a side ponytail, or down, and hoops will still work well. Little tip, if you have long hair and want to wear it down then try tucking your hair behind your ears in order to showcase your gorgeous hoops.

For those who have short, bob-style hair, hoops can look really playful and pretty at the same time.

Drop Earrings

Drop earrings are extremely elegant and can also be playful! As with most of the other types of earrings on this list you can find many different variations on the drop earring theme. They can range from stunning drop diamond gold earrings to simple drop earrings that incorporate a single pompom dangling from the end.

The perfect combination of hairstyle to drop earring is the up-do x drop earring. A great option is the low bun, such as a chignon

Being able to showcase the drop earring is perfect for those who have short hair as it happens naturally. An extremely elegant look is the slicked back bob paired with a beautiful diamond drop earring.


The chandelier earring is a great type of vintage or antique jewellery, perhaps because it could be described as the most sophisticated and elegant type of earring. It is the perfect type of earring to wear for an evening event.

Whether you have short hair or long hair a pair of chandelier earrings look great with a high pony (or a short, low ponytail if your hair is too short to tie back). Try not to overcomplicate your hairstyle as the chandelier earring is the real show-stopper piece, and does all the work for you.


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