Top Fake Address Generators to Create a Fake Identity

It’s not always a bad thing to create a fake online identity, and it can save you from significant drawbacks like spam and identity theft. With the vast number of recent security breaches and leaks, you threaten yourself every time you give your personal information to a website or mobile app. This is not just happening sometimes. It is increasing day by day as security issues are worsening on the web.

Why use your true information for any page you plan to use for non-financial purposes? Nonetheless, the use of personal information from others is entirely unethical, and you do not have to. It is possible to create a fake identity for you on many websites on the internet.

Let’s look at five of the best websites in this article to create a fake, readable identity to protect your security and internet privacy.


FakeNameGenerator is in top of the list because it delivers the features of a best fake address generator along with many advanced features. FakeNameGenerator produces all basic information, including full name, gender, SSN, phone number, sex, email address, birthday, and it is not limited to these terms. This also generates physical characteristics, credit card details, username, password, and work information, with access to a disposable mailbox through FakeMailGenerator.

By choosing an ethnicity, country, gender, and age, you can personalize your identity level by slider percentage. In fact, FakeNameGenerator lets users sign in via a Google-connected account and let you save your identities so that they are never lost. If you intend to stick to a particular identity for a long time, this is incredibly handy.

You can also (although free) order false identities in large numbers. You can use up to 100,000 identities and get them by email by providing specific basic requirements.


FakePersonGenerator is a good identity generator that provides maximum ID credentials. It requires no login, or in other words, it has no support for login. Some of the data FakePersonGenerator also includes biography, quote, interests, passport/license information, a favorite song, music, color, movie, and security questions.

For every created identity by FakePersonGenerator also includes a picture. This is a nice feature to consider for a free address generator service. FakePersonGenerator is the best identity generator if you need detailed information on sites that require more information to go on. This fake address generator ought to have everything you might need.


FauxID offers an interesting blend of functionalities that were included in the previous two fake address generators. It offers best features that a fake address generator should have.

FauxID is a neat graphical solution with credit card icons, state flags, and country flags. This also gives a QR code that interacts with identity and a simple avatar, which is just a mess of pixels.

You’ll find a complete name, address, phone number and age, ethnicity, card detail, credit card information, bank details, business and employee details, and site details with this fake id generator. You will find a permalink URL at the bottom of the page for each identity. You can bookmark or share your identity with others. The identity information can also be accessed as a CSV or JSON file.

FauxID tracks your last ten generated identities despite having no support for login. All newly generated identities can be viewed. FauxID is currently available for generating bulk identity, but will only be functional later on some date.

Prepostseo Fake Address Generator

Prepostseo random address generator is entirely developed to meet the needs of fake addresses for legitimate purposes. This US address generator supports more than twenty languages to generate a fake identity for you. It means that you can create a fake identity in any language you want. Language support includes Finnish, Dutch, French, Italian, Croatian, Austrian, German, Hebrew, Persian, Korean, Nihongo, Latvian, Arabic, Nepali, Spanish, and many more.

This fake address generator provides you name, address, phone, and company as well as a fake credit card number with expiry date and CVV. It creates your fake identity based on the language you selected. For example, if you have chosen Italian, it will generate a fake address for you in Italy. This feature makes it superior to other address generators on the list. It is completely free of cost, and anybody can use this service without any limitations.

This free service can be used for testing websites as well as you can protect your original identity on the internet. Hackers are very active on the internet nowadays, and they don’t leave a chance to steal your credentials whenever they can. That is why using a tool like Prepostseo address generator will help you secure your real credentials on the internet.


FakeDetails is an interface rich fake address and identity generator service that provides you a lot of fake information for newly created identity. You can create as many fake addresses as you want using this service. It will ask you the data format in which you want it to generate the fake identities for you. You can choose a country from the given list. You can also mention the city, state, zip code, and number of addresses you need. It creates new addresses in a few seconds, even if you have specified the value of 1000 in the number of addresses field.

It offers the feature to download the file in the specified format if you have produced the fake addresses in bulk by using the download button. You can also copy all data by using a copy button. Although they have mentioned that you can create up to twenty addresses at a time, but when we tested it, it produced 500 addresses at a single click when we specified number of addresses to 500. FakeDetails provides its services free of cost and is a nice tool that deserved to be on this list.

Final Words

The development of a false account identity for any online service on these five websites is a quick process. Please note that you are putting your personal information at risk every time you sign up for an online account. Although there are restrictions and rules that make it impossible for you to use false information on other websites, you still meet individuals who encourage you to do so.

Don’t use this fake information for any kind of illegal activity because it is not encouraged by us or any of the developers of these tools. These tools are purely created to save your personal information from leaks and security risks.



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