6 Tips to Extend the Life of a Laptop

Technological equipment suffers from a misnamed “programmed obsolescence.” This term means that the useful life of a machine has an end, it does not last forever. This applies to mobile devices, computers, laptops, and all kinds of gadgets and appliances.

However, it is possible to extend these equipment’s life by following some tips for use, treatment, and dedication. Next, we tell you how to extend the life of a laptop, following these eight recommendations:

1) You Have to Be Nice With Your Laptop

Beyond “saying good morning” or “saying hello to the team,” this advice is based on common sense. When any object is treated with delicacy, responsibility, and great care, its life span is automatically increased. This is so because it prevents damage, failure, or abuse from external agents. Among the most useful tips we would highlight:

  • Do not leave it in the sun
  • Keep it out of the reach of children or animals
  • Do not leave the laptop in high-risk places
  • Do not eat or smoke near the equipment
  • Wash your hands before use
  • Store it in dust-free places
  • Avoid leaving it charging all day, only when necessary the power must be connected

2) Clean the Computer Frequently