Should Small Business Really Invest in Local SEO?

Why do we need SEO?

What’s the need for SEO?

Should small businesses really invest in local SEO?

Well to answer all these questions we need to go through this small article which will be explaining each and everything. While we are standing in this period of time, there are many small businesses that need to have an SEO. But to find someone is really very tough and how to do that finding also makes us live in a dilemma.

Well, when we think of some local SEO then it really makes us confused about how to do what. But what is Local SEO? Basically, Local SEO is a way in which Google pulls up their search results based on the area you are living in.

To be very simple, suppose you are living in Mumbai and searching on google for Saloons then it is very much obvious that you would not like to see saloons present in Hyderabad or somewhere else hence they will the results after tracking your location. This is what Local SEO means. But the traditional SEO focuses on your website completely but the Local SEO focuses on google my business profile.

Reasons Why You Should Have a Local SEO?

Many of the small businesses have a very common question like why should we have a Local SEO and not the traditional one? Can we use Local SEO for High Traffic? And many other questions do come to their mind while they think of having their Local SEO for their business. Well, there are a lot of reasons why we should have it. The reasons have been discussed in a detailed manner so that it is easier for you.

  1. The Majority if Local people use Google as their medium for searching business- In simple words, we can say that SEO is the modern replacement of yellow pages. In those times people would look into the yellow pages and see to it that which business is best in the list. But now as time is changing so are the systems. Hence now SEO is the system that people prefer the most. Nowadays people just open google and type over there whatever they want to and then select an option which says “near me”. As soon as they select that or mention their respective state or country, then google tries to put up all the results that match the search.
  2. To attract customers when they are ready to buy the products- While you create a page of My business in Google you need to add some basic details and descriptions where you need to mention all your requirements and in such a way that the customers feel like buying the products from you or in simple words, we can say that they feel attracted to your business.
  3. Increase in use of mobiles creates a real need for SEO- Before people would try to physically go and then find out which place to choose for dinner, lunch or any other things. But now as the use of smartphones has become very rapid in pace hence no one wants to go and then find it out. They simply go to google and search for whatever they want. And hence in this case it really makes SEO and especially local SEO a major need for people. People do search for when they exactly need it and hence local SEO is really a need for people nowadays.
  4. Local SEO is very cost-effective- While you create a Google My Business webpage then you get to create that in a free of cost. Hence you do not really need the cost for making this. Hence from here, you can understand that it is totally a cost-effective one. And also with being cost-effective it is also helpful and does provides the exact result at just some time. You rarely require much time to search for.
  5. It is quick and easy- If you want to have a good Google My business account then you can surely invest some money so as to have an attractive page for your business. Though if you yourself want to do it then it is very simple and easy and literally, a much straightforward process is followed.
  6. Allows Reviews- Your Google My business webpage allows the customers to leave a review on your page regarding your business so that others come to about the services and how better it is for others to choose.


As we come to the end of the article we also do come to the end of the discussion about the reasons why should we have a local SEO for small businesses. Having a local SEO is much better and it does help you a lot. Local SEO does play a huge role and has many good sides.


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