The Role of Psychometric Tests in India for Leadership in Successful Decision Making

Role of Psychometric Tests

Job-status in India is very bad today and the job market is becoming more difficult day by day. Companies are looking for the right talent today. For developing a business, not only funding is important, but also the talented candidates.

Are you a job recruiter or a job seeker? Then you need to know that the CV does not simply reflect on the candidate’s past work, acquired experience and it is not a reliable indicator of a candidate’s future success. For a small or large business, performance and longevity depend only on its leaders. As a recruiter, in this case, you need to design a test that will help you to easily recruit talented employers in a short time.

Recruiters look at many factors during a job interview such as knowledge, teamwork, skills, decision-making power, experience, etc throughout the hiring process. After a lot of thinking, recruiters have arranged for a psychometric test, where a candidate is not judged by only his qualification. Recruiters can easily understand candidate’s eligibility through a psychometric test. Psychometric tests can help applicants find the right job they want and this test helps avoid the wrong job that can frustrate a candidate.

Information about the Psychometric Test

A psychometric test is a psychological and scientific method used to measure the mental ability and behavioral style of job seeker candidates. Since inexperienced individuals can damage the work of the organization, psychometric tests are arranged to measure the competitiveness of the candidates based on personality traits and essential tendencies.

Nowadays, it is very important to identify how much the personality and cognitive abilities of the candidates match the requirements for performing a vital role. Usually, all the information is never found in a face-to-face interview at a candidate. Recruiters are organizing a face-to-face interview with qualified brainy candidates after getting psychometric test results, to get rid of this problem and save extra time. As it is a self-determining test, so now you can prepare yourself with an online psychometric test for leadership through an authentic website.

Types Of Psychometric Test

  • Aptitude test – This is a simple skill test that recruiters take depending on the type of job you apply. This test is divided into several parts such as numerical reasoning test, inductive reasoning test, logical reasoning test, error checking test, diagrammatic reasoning test, and verbal reasoning test.
  • Personality test- A self-report questionnaire is asked through secret questions about aspects of the candidate’s own personality that are relevant to the workplace. This type of test evaluates your suitability, based on your encouraging friendly behavior. The candidate’s personality and behavioral style are measured through this test. There is no right or wrong answer in a personality test and the test is not time-consuming.
  • Skills test- This is a paper-based test that is taken by varieties of multiple-choice-questions. This test is taken to evaluate how quickly you can learn the job you have applied for.

Some Benefits of Psychometric Test:

  • The psychometric test is a precise and appropriate, inexpensive to acquire, cost-effective and high time-saving test.
  • This test helps a recruiter to select the right person for a job role through understanding the quality of an employee.
  • Applications of Psychometric Testing can be used to improve employee’s skills at any stage of recruitment.
  • Psychometric tests can determine the future potential of candidates, which is often very difficult to determine under the limitations of an interview situation.

What Is The Main Role Of A Psychometric Test?

The psychometric test acts as an effective preparation that highlights candidate’s relevant strengths and improves employee’s weaknesses and increases the chances of winning the job you want.

An Idea about the Science behind Psychometrics:

Psychometric test for leadership is mainly taken by recruiters to determine your behavior and personality, which has 4 parts. Bright side, dark side, cognitive ability, and X-factors.

  • Bright side- The bright side of the human personality consists of positive image qualities that enable quickly improve your workplace skills. This aspect is seen in the candidates who are truly talented and brainy. The Bright Side is divided into five categories based on the characteristics of a person such as- openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and emotional stability.
  • Dark side- Dark personality features are the stable characteristic features of a human that displaying undesirable, anti-productive, and destructive behaviors, which have a negative impact on surrounding people, such as friends, family, co-workers or customers. Some important dark side traits are opportunism, self-obsession, insensitive, temperamental, impulsiveness, and thrill-seeking, which helps to understand human behavior.
  • Cognitive ability- Cognitive Abilities are brain-based skills that help to complete any simple or complex work with perfection. It is divided into two part- Fluid Intelligence and Crystallized Intelligence. It helps to understand people’s behavior, perceived, decision-making abilities.
  • X-factor- Without the Dark side and Bright Side, there is one other aspect that is not understood through face-to-face interviews, which is the X-factor.

Some Vital Tips To Take Before Giving A Psychometric Test

  • Try to finish all the questions in the Psychometric test for leadership. The psychometric test is designed so that only 1% – 2 % of talented candidates can answer all the questions correctly within time.
  • The hardest questions in the psychometric tests are usually placed at the end of the test. But the tests have the same number of point values ​​for each question. So you have to focus more on the questions towards the end.
  • Psychometric tests are designed in such a way that they contain some common question that measures a common personality figure. In that case, consistency is crucial in the way you answer the question.
  • You should maintain a serious and strong attitude during your psychometric test. If you are well prepared for the exam, your fear or stress can make your exam worse.

You can easily take Applications of Psychometric Testing online and get test demo, pre-training assessment, post-training assessment, customized assessment, training, etc.


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