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smart kitchen ideas

Whether before your studies, after your vocational training, or because you want to find your own empire with your partner – at some point you leave your parents’ house, and run your own household. In addition to washing and cleaning, this also includes preparing delicious meals in your own kitchen. But, what if the fitted kitchen doesn’t invite you to cook and bake because it’s old, and worn out? Or, maybe there is no smart kitchen in the new apartment. Don’t be sad. Then it is time to look for support from experts and to plan your first kitchen together.

The demands on the first kitchen can be high

Just because it is not yet time to realize your own dream kitchen due to a lack of budget or, space does not mean that you have to lower the requirements for the first kitchen equipment. Rather, the same planning principles apply for the first fitted kitchen as for a perfect dream kitchen. Ergonomics play an equally important role as sufficient storage space, and a sufficiently large work surface. If kitchen stations are carefully planned, you benefit from short commutes. And, even more fun cooking, and baking. If the kitchen is large enough, there is also a seating area. There you can not only prepare meals, but also eat.

Electrical appliances for the first kitchen

Even if your wallet is rather narrow, best microwave oven, kitchen chimney, fridge, roti maker, best, Best hand mixers and basic kitchen utensils should not be missing in any kitchen. Also keep the freezer in mind so that you can have frozen pizza, and ice cream in stock. If you can afford it, a small dishwasher also saves washing up in the sink. A small device is often sufficient, because as a student, trainee or young couple you usually have very little dishes. In addition, the first apartment is usually very small, so there isn’t much space available anyway. Dishwashers are not only available in 60, but also in 45 cm widths, so that even small kitchens can be equipped with them.

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Furthermore, an extractor hood ensures a good indoor climate. Extendable flat screen hoods save a lot of space under an upper cabinet, and still offer enough space for a few spice jars. In order not to be surprised later by the electricity provider with a high additional payment, the investment in energy-efficient electrical devices is also worthwhile. For the first kitchen, it does not necessarily have to be electrical appliances from top brand manufacturers. Use the help of the Internet, and read the product descriptions, including reviews. Read the Rotimatic Reviews and be amazed of its affordable price, and functionality. Absolutely no compromise with the quality.

The right equipment for the first kitchen

In addition to the available budget, the room size also plays a decisive role in kitchen planning. Since the first apartment often only has a few square meters, young people often opt for a corner kitchen. So that the valuable space is used optimally. By planning wall units up to the ceiling, there is more storage space for plates, cups and glasses, while base units are usually filled with pots, pans and supplies. Especially if the width of the kitchen is rather small, it is worth planning upwards to create more storage space, and to place two wall units on top of each other.

A cupboard under the sink makes it possible to discreetly make the waste collector disappear if you don’t choose a colorful, cheerful waste collector that is set up in a niche. It is also important to have at least one cutlery drawer, and a built-in sink made of stainless steel with a drainer, and a practical kitchen tap. The material stainless steel is not only easy to care for, but also very attractively priced for equipping the first kitchen. A railing system for kitchen gadgets for hanging a spatula, wooden spoon or ladle is extremely practical, and saves you space in the cutlery drawers. Under-cabinet lights on the wall units ensure that you have everything in view on the work surface and can work safely.

The first kitchen according to your own taste

The first own apartment should of course reflect your own style and taste. Kitchen colors like white or magnolia are particularly popular because they are timeless, and modern at the same time. If you are not afraid of color, you can set great accents in the kitchen with currently trendy blue tones. Kitchen cabinets in dark blue, aquamarine, or petrol look stylish, and give your fitted kitchen its very own charm. Sand, or cream tones are somewhat more subtle. If you want to make your kitchen particularly cheerful, you can opt for a splash of color in the form of individual colored kitchen cabinets in yellow, orange, green or red. On the one hand, decors in concrete, copper or wood are extremely modern, and on the other hand, timeless and give every small kitchen a unique character.

There is also a great variety of designs when it comes to choosing kitchen handles. Handle less cupboards give the kitchen a very modern look, and make the kitchen appear reduced, and simple. Especially, in a small room. If you choose handles, you have a huge selection of colors, and shapes available for kitchen planning.

Conclusion: Kitchen planning as a step towards living together

If you move into a shared apartment for the first time as a couple, and also decide on a new fitted kitchen, there is a little more to consider. After all, joint kitchen planning is another step into a beautiful future for two, which should enrich the life together. Therefore, you should take a few minutes in advance to agree on common ideas for the new kitchen.

It also makes sense to think about the required built-in devices. Just because you prefer to drink tea rather than coffee does not mean that your partner can do without morning coffee. So that there are no surprises in the kitchen studio, you can exchange ideas, and wishes beforehand and then communicate them to the kitchen consultant in a joint conversation to find solutions together.



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