The Pandemic Has Brought Us To A Standstill, Here’s How You Can Plan For A Remote Tech Team

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Coronavirus has changed what we viewed as normal. It’s no longer going to the offline workspace and meeting your employees in person. You’ve got to connect with them online and ensure that productivity does not fall!

The challenge is planning for a remote tech team without losing the human touch. The employees need to feel they’re still a team working for the company and not remotely connected individuals who barely get to meet each other.

Tips for Planning a Remote Tech Team

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With a bit of planning, a remote tech team can be a productive reality. Here are some tips to get a remote tech team together.

Lead By Example

The remote culture starts with you, the employer, or the team leader! Your employees or your team need to believe that you support the remote working environment before they can.

Start practicing what you preach. If you adopt the remote working model by not going to work regularly, it will be easier for your team to do the same.

You need to send the message to your employees loud and clear that the company favors the remote work culture. They need to feel that you understand the benefits of remote working.

Associate remote working with your brand. When you are advertising for a vacancy in your company, make sure the words ‘remote employees’ are part of the ad.

To fully realize the potential of a remote tech team, digital access to company resources is critical through mobile phones. These things are only possible if you hire mobile developer.

Hiring a mobile app developer for your business is beneficial because it will lead to your employees’ higher efficiency, scaling up your business will be more comfortable, your valuable business data is secure, and the application is compatible with your current software facilitate retrieval of new client data.

Communicating the Company’s Vision

Even though you are creating a remote tech team, you need to ensure that they understand the vision and mission. Since it won’t be possible to connect with them in person, you need to have team meetings regularly.

Time zones are a significant challenge, but if planned, online meetings could be beneficial to introduce your team to the vision of the company. This gives both the employer and the employee an excellent opportunity to understand each other well.

The first few meetings might be a bit uncomfortable, but both you and your employees will get used to it in the long run. Sharing the vision of the company with remote employees ensures higher commitment and lower employee turnover.

Inclusive Environment

Remote employees can feel cut off from their coworkers because of the remote team model even though they are part of online discussions. They might have doubts about their contribution to the bottom line.

Your way around this challenge would be to update your employees regularly regarding all developments taking place in the company, whether big or small. These should be communicated to the remote employees during video-chats as groups or individually through emails.

Communication Tools

The communication tools you use would depend on the type of remote tech team you have. It would be best if you went through the user reviews before deciding on the tool. The shortlisted device needs to go through testing for accuracy.

Tools should facilitate both asynchronous and synchronous communication. There are some tools like Slack or Asana, which are used for communication.

Remote employees could respond faster to customer queries through a well-designed and functional website. This would lead to higher customer conversions and revenues.

You would require php developers to create impacting websites that generate high web traffic. Web applications run faster with PHP, and it is platform-independent. PHP enables more natural interaction with third parties.

Go Casual

The organizational hierarchy is becoming flattened, and the emphasis is on teamwork to achieve a corporate objective rather than using the conventional tools of dedication and fear. Commitment comes naturally due to the association with the goals of the company.

A friendly and healthy atmosphere is the foundation of a robust remote tech team. You need to use chats and online meetings to understand their concerns, connect to them personally, spend some time beyond office hours for a casual conversation.

The team members themselves also need to connect among themselves. Regular communication will do wonders for employee morale. Employees with similar interests can create groups and share new information to keep themselves engaged positively.


Ensuring that your remote employee is accountable is quite challenging. To ensure that there is no fall in productivity, tools for time-tracking are essential.

These tools will help be aware of whether the employees are optimizing their working hours, sticking to project deadlines, and not sharing confidential information with third parties.

However, there is a risk of the employee feeling distrusted if they are tracked. The best way to minimize this risk would be to keep this tracking restricted to a 3 to 6 month period. Your yardstick for measuring remote employee productivity should be the timely delivery of projects.

Right Fit

Some individual employees have the required qualities to be part of a remote tech team like being a team player, are innovative in their approach, and demonstrate transparency in their communication. They are the right fit for the team and will lead to a successful transition to a digital workforce.

Inspire Your Team

If you can inspire people, then the geographical boundaries do not matter! You can get the global team to think and work as one. This would lead to benefits stemming from synergy. Each employee becomes an asset and realizes their potential.

Remote Leader

There needs to be a robust remote leader who can manage the teams well. Time difference creates problems for remote teams, and you need to have a leader who can ensure higher employee productivity.

Scale Up Revenues With Your Remote Tech Team

Your remote tech team can be an asset if you can create the right virtual working environment for them. They should be made to feel part of the company, and each employee should be recognized for their contribution to the bottom line.

Identifying the right talent who should be part of your remote team is essential. They should be self-motivated and understand how to excel as a team. Create your remote tech team and watch your profits soar!


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