Here Are Top 8 Parameters For A Mind-Blowing Novel

Writing a novel is a thrilling task because you have the privilege to give life to your characters. You can build your world within the book’s pages and let your characters choose their density in their world.

You will also have the benefit of creating an impact. You can communicate through your novel and bring in a wave of change and positivity.

However, novel writing might seem like a difficult task when you don’t know its basics. Learning the art of writing is the first step, but a few other things play a great role in creating a mind-blowing novel. Given below are a list of things that you must consider while writing a novel.

Top 8 Parameters For A Mind-Blowing Novel

Prepare A Roadmap

No matter what your goal is, without a proper roadmap, you cannot reach your destination. If you aspire to write a novel, you must prepare a similar roadmap that will include everything that will make your journey memorable.

Start from the basic step of finalizing a plot and theme and wind it up with how to publish and advertise your novel. The layout will help you to streamline the process and fasten your novel writing journey.

It will further help you to keep track of your progress and check on everything that is being an obstacle in your way. Having a planned setup will make sure that you are not overlooking anything important.

Do Intensive Research

Once you have prepared the roadmap and decided on the idea, your responsibility is to do intensive research. Irrespective of the genre, research is the primary necessity in any book. You need to present the facts most reliably.

Even if you are writing fantasy fiction, you need to read certain topics to build the storyline and strengthen your characters. The efforts will eventually matter when you flip through the pages of your novel.

Experiment With Your Characters

Your characters are your biggest weapons. You can mold them in whichever way you want. As a writer, you have the liberty to communicate with your readers through the protagonist of your novel. So you should use the privilege rightfully.

Experiment with the character formation and build an infectious aura around them. It will make the readers stay connected to the book and increase their curiosity. Whether it an antagonist or protagonist, ensure to make it powerful enough to captivate your readers.

Make The Story Line Interesting

The storyline keeps the readers entangled. Ensure to keep the storyline interesting and unpredictable. It should amuse the readers and also force them to think a little harder. With this technique, you can leave a mark in the reader’s mind, and they will appreciate your efforts.

Your novel need not be unnecessarily long. Instead, it should have all the important points that are required to make it mind-blowing. Create an out of the box story life within a genre that comforts you. It will help you to maximize your creativity.

Satisfy The Readers

Your readers are your critics. They evaluate your work, and you must keep them in mind while drafting your novel. Your readers must be satisfied with your work, and for this, you need to understand your readers.

Build a strong connection with them and try to visualize everything from their perspective. Doing so will weave a strong bond with them, and it will be reflected in your work. Your connection with your readers will also motivate you to work harder and put more effort into the art that you are creating for them.

Once your novel is published, consider the readers’ feedback. It will assist in identifying and rectifying your mistake and restrict you from repeating it in your next book.

Edit The Novel Carefully

Editing is a crucial part of writing but it is often overlooked, and that eventually affects the quality of work. Proper editing includes removing grammatical errors, jargon, repetitions, and proofreading. The step-by-step process ensures that your novel turns into nothing less than a masterpiece.

By editing your novel in a systematic and dedicated manner, you will sideline all the possible loopholes in your content, and it will be ready for the readers.

Get Into The Details

Understand the intricacies and present them beautifully. As a writer, your role is to shape the story with the power of words, and you should do it with perfection. Getting into the minute details of the characters as well as the storyline will keep the readers entangled.

It will build the tension that is required while reading a novel. There should be unexpected turns of events, which are only possible when you mention the little things that have the potential of making a big difference. However, do not over complicate your novel. You should always keep it simple and ensure that the readers understand it properly.

Build A Routine

Building a habit might not seem like an essential component but in reality, maintaining a routine is crucial to achieving success. Being a writer has its share of boon and bane. Not all days are the same, and creative block is something that you might face often.

However, you must also ace the skill that is required to overcome all the roadblocks. Building a routine of writing every day will teach you how to write a good book.

And with continuous efforts, you can turn your dream into reality. Additionally, maintaining a routine will help balance your creative energy, and therefore you can put your cent percent in novel writing.


Novel writing is an interesting job when you love your passion. While these are the important technical aspects, you must learn to stay motivated and dedicated towards it. It might seem dull on some days, and to overcome such episodes, you must know how to channelize your energy through the characters.

All your hardwork will eventually pay you when you see your readers appreciating your novel. Create a book that leaves everyone spellbound and makes them admire your efforts and thought process.


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