Want To Excel In The Long Run? Here Are 8 Ways To Have Organic Growth On Instagram

Amidst the chaos within the market in 2020, the importance of online media and social media has become abundantly clear to businesses. If you are not utilizing the digital means, then you are missing a considerable amount of opportunities. Although the web is filled with several social media platforms, Instagram seems to be drawing a lot more attention.

The platform’s growth and consumer engagement have skyrocketed in recent years, making it the hub for marketing and advertising.

You can avail of multiple approaches to grow on Instagram, but nothing beats the good old organic way. While paid advertisement mediums seem just as beneficial, if not more, gaining an audience through organic means poses far superior benefits in the long run.

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The race to reach the top Instagram feed is long, tedious, and, most of all, confusing. So how can you do it? How can you improve your Instagram growth organically? What are the best ways to improve Instagram engagement organically?

Why Growing Instagram Audience Organically is Tough?

Instagram was not always the one-stop marketing station that it is now. The platform now attracts heavy traffic and consumer engagement from all over the globe. So much so that attracting viewers’ attention and maintaining it has become a struggle.

Sure, the abundance of channels and content is overwhelming, but brands tend to make some common mistakes, hindering their growth. Given below are some reasons that could stop your Instagram growth:

Targeting the Wrong Audience

If you are simply flushing out content without computing your target audience, then your Instagram reach will stay at its minimum.

Posting on a Whim

Not studying your viewers Instagram habits and routines is just as bad. If you are posting the content on a whim, then your reach will be extremely hindered.

Acquiring Unethical Means

Trying to get an edge on the competition can take brands down the unethical road. Remember that buying fake followers or likes will only haunt you in the long run.

Not Knowing the Right Approach

Lastly, not knowing what to do for increasing your Instagram audience can cost you an unnecessarily long time.

If you follow any of the mentioned roads, then stop right now. Here are the best tips for increasing Instagram engagement organically.

8 Simple Tips for Improving Instagram Engagement Organically

Finding the Correct Target Audience

Check where your audience is coming from, what their age group is, and what content they prefer. The majority of the data can be acquired through Instagram Insights. So get ready to do some basic R&D, and figure out your target audience.

Drive Audience from Other Social Media Channels

If you have an established name on other social media fronts, then use it to your advantage. Be it Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or Snapchat, steer your existing audience towards the Instagram handle.

You can leave your Instagram link on your posts or video descriptions. You can hold a giveaway, keeping the “follow our Instagram page” as the initial step. Even easier, you can ask your audience to follow your handle.

Anything works, as long as it is legal, affordable, and your audience seems to be content with it.

Start Using Emojis

Yes, those cute little virtual pixels can work wonders for your audience engagement. Almost every Instagram comment contains an emoji, and you can even search for them on the platform. Moreover, they can be used as a hashtag or in your username to help people find your channel easily.

Use Those Hashtags

Hashtags are not restricted to only Twitter, as you can get a fair amount of exposure through them on Instagram also. Any post containing 11+ hashtags is bound to perform better on the platform. As you can use up to 30 hashtags at once, you can find the most relevant ones to go with your post.

Find the ones relevant to your posts, or create posts relevant to the most trending hashtags. Either way, your channel will receive a considerable amount of boost.

Perk Up Your Posts’ Quality

Targeting the Instagram algorithms and using the best strategies will only take your channel so far. If your content does not stand out, or if it is sub-optimal, then your growth will be heavily restricted.

As the window of capturing the viewers’ attention on Instagram is severely low, you need to post something intuitive. Moreover, try keeping the image quality top-notch as well. Adding GIFs, quirky memes, or something relative to an ongoing trend will do.

Additionally, you can try to maintain uniformity within your content to associate a distinct feel or look to your channel.

Study, Utilize and Keep Up

The step is simple. You need to study your best Instagram posts, use a similar approach, and upload posts in the same pattern. Firstly, try getting information like why your posts performed well, what hashtags you used, or what was the caption.

The next step would be testing out a similar approach with other posts. When you have found the ultimate strategy, try out how well they perform. Lastly, try posting in patterns, and not just randomly as per your desire.

Engage with Your Audience

There is a reason you call it user engagement, so capitalize on it. Ask them questions, reply to their comments, and listen to their feedback.

As long as your audience is content with you, the chances of your channel getting exposure will increase. Nothing beats the good old word of mouth marketing, so try and accumulate it in your strategy.

Collaborate and Grow

Try collaborating with similar channels and grow together. Ask them to share posts identical to yours, and you do the same for them. This way, you both get a considerable number of viewers while you establish a fruitful relationship.


Instagram has emerged as the marketing hub in recent years, and understandably so. The platform attracts loads of viewers, and brands are utilizing it to garner a global audience. While the platform houses a quality audience, growing on it has become a tough nut to crack, especially organically.

In case you still need some help, you can also hire a reliable Instagram marketing service. This way, you will not have to worry about anything except for continuously delivering quality content.


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