Everything You Need To Know About Numero Uno – Tudor Chronograph


The Tudor Chronograph watch is part of the sports range of the Tudor watch series.

As many know, the “Tudor” brand has been on the face since the 1920s with the name “Tudor”. Shortly after the second world, the brand with the legacy of the brand in the logo with the English “Tudor Rose” emblem was moved to England. This was turned into a shield in the mid-1960s.

The brand is recognized worldwide as a “premium” watch brand and enters the range with other Swiss watches, which is offered to celebrities and elegant wearers of quality watches. In fact, the primary target group for these watches has always been the young, confident and dynamic. A category in which we all feel comfortable, regardless of our age.

Tudor watches are readily available outside of the United States, but no longer within the United States. The best place to buy one in America is probably on eBay.com. Collectors often offer excellent examples of this model for resale. They hold their value well, with some of the previous examples selling their original selling price many times over. This is probably a good time to see how the global recession brings these traditional asset deals to the market as investors shrink their portfolios to stay liquid.

Travelers can pick up new versions of these excellent watches abroad or online.

The Tudor Chronograph watch is available in many different forms. For example the Oysterdate Chronograph, the Prince Chronograph, the highly technical “Hydronaut” model, water-resistant to 1200 feet and the 2009 Grantour collection from Porsche Racing.

Tudor Chronograph watches are increasingly associated with motorsport. Includes aerodynamic design, aggressive construction with easy-to-access controls and eye-catching colors, including features like orange pointers and anodized edges.

The new models are also bigger. 2 mm have been added to the external dimensions, bringing them to 42 mm.

Belt options now include fabric inspired by fabric seat belts. Traditional stainless steel for long life and durability is another option.

In summary, there is a large selection in the Tudor Chronograph range. Take the time to choose the one for you. The style and presentation should suit your preferences. If you are a sailor or a racing driver, the professional image and brand identity will surely improve the presentation for all the people you deal with.

The Tudor Chronograph watch is just one of the many watch brands and models available on the market today.


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