Looking To Update Your Podcast Playlist In 2020? Read On.

Podcasts have gained overwhelming popularity lately due to several groundbreaking aspects. One of the primary reasons is how subtly they fit into the tedious, mundane life of an average person.

People no longer have the time to open a video streaming channel and watch a video of a topic that piques their interest. Rather, people now prefer digital audio files that are informative as-well-as transient. 

Even if a person has 15 minutes to spare, one can simply put on an episode of their favorite podcast while running errands.

Podcasts are favorable to people who prefer a narrative touch to the story line. They begin from scratch and are extremely detailed without taking up too much of an individual’s attention. 

Some Popular Podcasts of 2020

Since the year 2020 has commenced, there are fresh releases and more upcoming podcasts to add to the playlist. With copious options to consider, it can be laborious to finalize a podcast for chores like cooking, or cleaning the apartment.

Here are some of the best and most popular podcasts of 2020 that are worth checking out – 

1. Armchair Expert

This podcast has a unique and authentic approach compared to the usual podcast ideology. It was launched in 2018 by Dax Shepard. The podcast is hosted by Dax Shepard and his colleague, Monica Padman. 

The two hosts converse with celebrities regarding their dreams, ambitions, future hopes, and their journey of struggles into Hollywood.

They also talk about how the celebs manage to get into Hollywood while narrating some relatable and heartwarming stories from their personal lives. 

Armchair Expert also releases special episodes called “Experts on Experts”, where they interview a specialist on topics like masculinity, substance abuse, and more.

2. Decoder Ring

Everybody is brimming with intriguing questions that they can’t help but think about in the shower, or at night. If a person wishes to seek answers, this podcast is for them. 

In every episode of the Decoder Ring, Willa Paskin, Slate Television critic, analyzes the history of various cultural enigma, habits, or mysterious objects. 

The podcast answers the most unusual yet relatable questions and is fun to watch, considering every episode features a detailed analogy on the subject. 

3. How Did This Get Made?

This hilarious podcast is hosted by Paul Sheer, June Diane Raphael, and Jason Manzoukas, who talk about movies that were so awful to the point that they were somehow good. 

Some episodes feature a celebrity guest who is forced to watch such an iconic dreadful movie before going on air. After this, they all sit and analyze the bad movie scenes and how the movie must have gotten made.

4. How I Built This

This podcast was developed by NPR and has helped reach a new generation of trailblazing millennials. The show has a cult following, specifically with the business-minded, future-startup-founder masses. 

Guy Raz calls upon many innovators and entrepreneurs to talk about their success stories and how they discovered success in ventures, including Dell, Dippin’ Dots, Spanx, and many more. 

5. The Lowe Post

The Lowe Post podcast is a sports podcast, particularly basketball, made for sports enthusiasts and sportsmen. It features ESPN’s Zach Lowe, who converses with basketballers about stuff related to basketball. 

Some of the topics discussed include player wellness, the future scope of the game, the role of innovation, and how certain teams are enjoying their triumph over their strong competitors. 

Everything, from the NBA board of authorities to the sad demise of Kobe Bryant, Discussions are held on the podcast.

6. My Favorite Murder

My Favorite Murder is a true-crime comedy podcast, hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark. The show revolves around murder mysteries and serial killers while also being hilarious. 

The hosts tell every crime story in great detail with a touch of humor. The overall setup of the show can be gnarly and cringe-worthy. The episodes are unique and new in their ways. 

7. The 27 Club

The 27 Club is an iHeartRadio podcast created by Jake Brennan to analyze the lives of the musicians who are now members of the infamous 27 Club—the artists who passed away at 27 years old—and what caused their untimely and sad demise. 

The first season revolves around the appealing and dramatic life of Jimi Hendrix and the uncanny events that led to his mysterious death. 

Consecutive seasons aim to explore the other legendary artists, including Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, and Amy Winehouse, who died at the age of 27.

8. Handel on the Law

Handel on the Law podcast hosted by Bill Handel. It is a subtle congregation of useful legal advice and outrageous remarks by Handel. The show revolves around the law and is filled with humor and comedy. 

The podcast has down to earth humor. Amusing anecdotes from the law start every hour. Then he accepts calls on selected days – and that is where it gets amusing. 

In a brief question, he gives the worst legal advice with frequent recurrences into additional details, many of which were overlooked or misconstrued. 

9. The Daily

The daily is a news podcast for people eager to stay in touch with the latest world happenings. 

This New York Times podcast is dependable and swift to absorb the important news of the day. 

The host, Michael Barbaro, interviews Times reporters to talk about their recent stories and help people understand its gravity. 

10. The Murder Squad

The murder squad is not just any other true-crime podcast. This one is intriguingly interesting as it’s co-hosted by Paul Holes, a retired cold case investigator, and investigative journalist Billy Jensen. 

Holes approaches the topic with a unique perspective, often which confuses the public, since it was his job to investigate such crime cases. 

The first episode of 2020 showed the first cold case murder arrest that truly happened as a result of the podcast itself. 

11. Truth and Lies: Jeffrey Epstein

Truth and Lies: Jeffrey Epstein is an eight-part ABC News podcast. 

It documents the entire story of Jeffrey Epstein, how he rose to power, to the failure of the first Florida investigation that concluded with his shocking arrest and untimely demise. 

It also includes first-hand stories of the women who raised their voices, as-well-as the lawyers and investigators who strived to impart him justice. 

To Conclude

The best part about podcasts is the freedom they give you to be able to listen them at your convenience. With the never ending sea of content on the web it gets overwhelming and confusing for anyone to choose. This article has shortlisted some of the podcasts that you should add to your playlist. 


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