How to Choose the Best Password Manager for Your Needs?

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The internet touches all aspects of our lives. We use it for work, to watch movies or TV shows, conduct financial transactions, and so much more. The average internet user has over 90 online accounts. That’s a massive number of different login and password combinations to remember.

Thus, the vast majority of people often recycle the same password across all the different profiles. With the ever-increasing number of cybersecurity threats, this is more than risky. That’s why using a password manager is a good idea. They help to create unique, complex, and almost uncrackable passwords for all online activities. But instead of remembering dozens of passwords, you need to remember only one — the one that unlocks all the others, the master password.

While the essential functions of password managers are similar, the level of security and other features often differ. Thus, to help you find the best choice for your needs, this list of password manager essentials comes in handy.

1) Built Around Security

The most important thing about password managers is how secure they are. The top companies use the latest security technologies to ensure your data is safe. Even if you don’t know the industry standards, be on the lookout for terms like “AES-256” and “Argon 2.” These are top-tier encryption technologies on par with what government organizations like the NSA use.

2) Convenience is Built-in

Password managers should also make your life easier. It should be easy to integrate it into your everyday computer and device usage. Convenient password managers allow you to import passwords and accounts from a wide range of platforms. That includes browsers and other password managers too. Make sure your password manager enables a smooth login to other sites, so you’d be only a click away from accessing your favorite websites. Finally, everything should sync between your devices, so you are never locked out of an account.

3) Generating Complex Passwords

Need a strong password for your online account? You don’t need to be creative. It’s about creating the right combination of special characters, upper and lower-case letters, and numbers. Password managers enable instant creation of such passwords. You’ll get a complex password like “Nqw3#ZBub1mc” for each of your accounts. And you won’t need to remember any of them.

4) Stores More Than Just Passwords

Reliable password managers do more than just store your passwords. After all, passwords aren’t the only data we need to secure online. A great password manager will safeguard your credit card details, addresses, personal identification numbers, and other sensitive information. Also, you will be able to take advantage of other great features, such as secret notes.

5) The Reputation of the Company

No matter how awesome the reputation manager may seem, it all comes down to the reputation of its developer. When you use password managers, you give away the keys to your most personal and valuable accounts. So, you need to make sure the company has a solid reputation.

Take NordPass, for example. It sets itself apart because it comes from the developers of NordVPN. Not only does Nord have an impeccable reputation for protecting the security and privacy of over 12 million users, but it also builds its software around “zero-knowledge” principles. They encrypt your data from the get-go, so even Nord itself doesn’t have access to it. Thus, only you and only people you authorize can access your accounts and view your data when you use NordPass (find out more here).

Bonus: Strong Support Team

The whole purpose of a password manager is convenience. But sometimes you may still encounter some problems. For example, although most websites are compatible with password managers, some aren’t. Or there may be some other type of error. When you have issues like these, you need support staff to help you sort it out immediately. Thus, access to 24/7 customer support is another perk you need from your password manager.

How to Choose the Right Password Manager for You

Password managers have exploded in popularity over the last couple of years. Now almost 16% of internet users secure their online accounts using a password manager. And this number is only going to rise.

To find the perfect password manager for you, begin by analyzing the companies behind them. Google search will do. Do they value privacy, or have they been caught selling user data? Did they encounter any data breaches? From there, focus on security standards like AES-256-bit encryption. Pay attention to functionality and convenience. Extra features such as note encryption and 24/7 support won’t hurt either.


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