6 Best Features in Windows 7 You Must Know About

Windows 7 is one of the best operating systems available out there. And there is no doubt about it. The application was introduced back in 2009 and even after 10 years. It is still one of the best operating systems that most of the people prefer.

So the question is what are some of the features that made Windows 7 the most lovable OS out there? Well in case if you have a similar question. Then here is the answer to your question:

6 Best Features of Windows 7


One of the best features that Windows 7 has got is the taskbar. The taskbar was one of the main features which changed the classic windows interface element. And since then to now, it has changed everything. By introducing taskbar to Windows 7, Microsoft only made the operating system more usable than ever.

Now we can easily pin any application to the taskbar. So we can easily access them. As a result, you will not have to follow a lengthy process to launch your most used applications. Now with a simple right-click on the taskbar, you can quickly get to recent files or important parts of the program. Overall, the tool makes your life a lot productive and easy.

Aero Interface

The next feature is the Aero interface. It is just a translucent look. And all this thing does is that, it allows you to see what is happening behind the Windows on your desktop. As a result, it becomes much more easy for us to find our stuff easily. It also comes with a clean, professional look which Windows XP used to lack.

Action Center

I won’t deny the fact that Windows 10 has an excellent Action center. However, we cannot deny the fact too that Windows 7 also had an excellent action center. You can think of it as an early warning system that Microsoft has given you. You can access this option through the little flag in the lower right corner of your taskbar. The flag icon usually will be in white color which mean everything is fine. However, if it has a red X on it. Then you have to understand that there is something wrong. And there is something which needs your attention. You can check all those warnings by clicking on it and then you will be able to fix those warnings one by one.


Themes are not a new thing in Windows though. We have seen them in Windows Vista. However, with the Windows 7 Microsoft only has added better themes. However, there are not too many changes that Microsoft has added. However, as long as the themes are concerned, well they are a simple package of desktop background and sounds which helps you to personalize your experience.

Aero Snap

Next, there is the Aero snap feature. It is a part of the Aero interface and it helps you to move things around and resize windows. Resizing windows is one of the most common tasks that most of the users perform. Even aero snap is the cousin of Aero Peek and Aero Shake. These two things are also the shortcut for moving windows around. However, in case if you do not know about these tools then I would strongly recommend you to get to know about them. So you can save a lot of your time and become more productive as you use Windows 7.

Windows Search

In the end, there is the Windows search feature. Search option is also not a new thing in Windows. But with Windows 7 it has seen a lot of improvements. All you have to do is type a search term in the windows. And within seconds you will get what you are looking for. Also, the good part is that the search results are not listed in one huge list.

But they are separated into different categories like Programs, Music, and Documents. As a result, you will easily be able to find your files pretty fast. As well as in a less hectic way which we used to face in Vista or XP.

However, the quality of the search feature is not as great as Windows 10. But common, there is a huge difference between both of the operating systems.

Final Words:

So those were the 6 best feature in Windows 10. Apart from these features, Windows 7 also comes with a bunch more other features. Also, in case if you want to use Windows 7 then you can buy windows 7 professional.

Overall in today’s time also windows 7 is a great OS. It is extremely easy to use and loaded with features. So yes, you should definitely try out this software and check how it is working for you.


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