Faasos Referral Code – Earn Rs.125 by Refer and Earn Offer

Hunger makes us crazy as a struggle of scrolling through a food delivery app and choosing the right one to eat is not always that easy as it looks. Well, say good-bye to your current food ordering problems by ordering food from faasos using faasos referral code. It offers its customers fresh as well as healthy food delivered at their doorstep within 30 minutes across india.

Undoubtedly, Faasos is one of the most hygienic platforms which you’ll ever find. It offers all the types of food from Breakfast & Brunch to Lunch to Dinner and that too from your local restaurants. The Faasos Food Services Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year 2011 by Jaydeep Barman and Kallol Banerjee.

Since 2011 the company immensely grows up, and it is now being operated in 16 major cities of India. With the company’s innovation of Cloud Kitchen Strategy, wherein they use the same kitchen, ingredients as well as staff it has taken over the market. So, what makes this platform more reliable is an offering of fresh and healthy food at huge discounts.

Faasos Referral Code (g44ii9w) – What Does it Offer?

You might not believe, but with Referral Code program, you can earn a maximum of Rs. 335 and get 50% cash back up to Rs. 100 if you make the payment with Phonepe App. In this article, we have discussed everything related to Faasos refer and earn offer. Also, we have shared over the experience of Faasos Elite Subscription and why it’s better than others.

Quick Answer For Your Query – Faasos Referral code – g44ii9w

Faasos Referral Code

So, without wasting any time, let’s quickly get started.

What is Faasos Elite Subscription?

The Faasos recently launched its Faasos Elite. In this program, the company offers its customers with a “Become an Elite” program using which a person can get a lot of benefits including Birthday Credits, prioritized delivery, surprise deserts and most important on time delivery.

Faasos Elite

Benefits of Faasos Elite Subscription

Here is the list of key benefits offered by Faasos Elite Subscription:-

  • Birthday Credits – Faasos offers its elite customers credits on their birthday. The credits provided by Faasos can be used to order food with discounts.
  • Surprise Deserts – Faasos says that “Coz there’s a separate stomach for desserts, so it can’t let you go hungry” and therefore, on every order you will get a desert complimentary.
  • Elite Exclusive Menu – Those who have purchased an elite subscription the company provides discounts which are always exclusive from their partner brands. You even get a special menu for your orders as well.
  • Prioritized Delivery – You are always prioritized for each order, it means your order will be prepared and delivered on a priority basis without any delay.
  • Curated Deals – Well, the curated deals are made for you from the Faasos Partners.
  • More Referral Credits – Being an elite member you’ll get maximum of Rs. 150 on every referral, while on the other hand people those who don’t have an elite subscription will get maximum of Rs. 125 on every referral.

How to Get Faasos Elite Membership?

Radically, Fassos has kept all the income bracket people in mind and then after they have created the Faasos Elite Subscription program. Therefore, there are two options for this, and these are as follows:-

The first criteria lets you get free; however you’ve to order food worth Rs. 1800/- on Faasos App in 60 days. Now, if you’re able to transact this much amount, then you will get Faasos Elite Subscription for entirely free of cost.

The second criteria is you don’t have to transact any money, simply purchase the Elite subscription plan for Rs. 499/- which is now available at Rs. 149/- for a year.

So, the decision is yours! Hurry up and quickly avail the benefits of Elite membership at just Rs 149/year now.

Faasos Refer & Earn – Get Rs. 125 Faasos Credits

Here’s the step by step guide which can help you gain 125 Faasos Credits:-

–>Signup on Faasos Website

  1. First, open the Faasos website with the given link.
  2. Enter all the necessary details like your phone number, email address, full name, and yes Faasos Referral Code g44ii9w.
  3. Once you successfully signed up, you’ll get 125 Faasos credit on your first order.

–>Signup on Faasos via App

  1. Download and install Faasos app from the play store on your device.
  2. Once done click on guest and sign in from the left corner.
  3. Simply enter your mobile number and sign up by OTP.
  4. That’s all you just earned yourself 125 Faasos credit to use on your first order.

How to Earn 10 More Faasos Credits

Well, getting 10 more credits is not a hefty task. For this, all you have to do is verify your email address and provide your details. Let me show you how to do that!

  1. Tap on the profile and enter your Date of Birth, Gender, and click on verify email.
  2. Once done head to your email and see the mail you got from Fassos and click on the verification link provided by Faasos.
  3. Now, after you successfully verify the email, you can check your Faasos Wallet. You can see the entry of 10 more credits in your wallet.

How to Order Food From Faasos Using Faasos Credits

So, as of now, you have earned Faasos credits of Rs. 135, which is free to use. To use it, you have to use Faasos referral code and follow the steps below.

  • First choose what you want to order from Faasos.
  • Once you have decided the choice of food, click on Add button, and then you’ll be redirected to the food cart page.

Tip – You can even customize your food in case you wish to do so.

  • Once done you can proceed to checkout option which is on the bottom of the screen.
  • One thing which you must keep in mind is you must order food above Rs. 250/- exclusive of GST and other taxes to consume your Free Faasos Credits.

Pro Tip – You can add some desserts to your cart to make your order at least Rs. 250/-

You can see that your free credits will be added to your bill.

How to Get Rs. 335 on Signup at Faasos App

Well, a lot of you are shocked and happy after listening that Faasos gives you free credits on your birthday. So, to get Rs. 325/- here’s what you have to do:-

  • First enter the Faasos g44ii9w code to get Rs. 125 credits.
  • After that, now enter your birth date to tomorrow date this means if today is 4th Nov 2018 then enter your DOB 5th Nov 1995.
  • Once you have done this you’ll get Free Rs. 100 Credit as a birthday gift.
  • Your total wallet balance will be Rs. 225 and you’ve also earned extra Rs. 10/-

So, now the total Wallet balance will be Rs. 235/-

  • Now pay via Phonepe App to get 50% Cashback up to Rs. 100.

So the total amount you earned with Faasos App will be Rs. 335.

How to Invite Your Friends on Faasos and Earn Free Faasos Credits

Well, to earn some extra bucks by inviting your friends, but before that, you have to order from Faasos. You will get your unique referral code after your first order from Faasos.

Here’s a step by step guide which will help you do this:-

  • Go to your profile and if you’re using mobile app swipe menu from the left corner.
  • You can see an option stating “Invite & Earn” just below the Faasos Credits.
  • Click on ‘Invite & Earn’ to get your unique referral code. You can forward it to your friends to use it while signing up for the first time.

You can simply share the referral code with your friends by clicking on option ‘Tap to invite friends’ via social media platforms such as Gmail, Facebook, WhatsApp, and many more.

Terms & Condition

  • If you order your food from any other online food delivery service then it’s between you and the restaurant. Although, if you order from Faasos, then it is strictly between you and Faasos.
  • Faasos is not responsible for the quality of standard of the food when you ordered from a restaurant.
  • There are no liabilities on Faasos or its employees in case the prices of the food changes.
  • You need to pay the entire amount including taxes before you avail an order.
  • The amount showed on Faasos App during the time of order is including taxes. So, you don’t have to pay extra bucks.
  • The Faasos Credit will expire after 90 days. So, use it before it gets expired.
  • The company allows you to refer a maximum of 25 friends.

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The Bottom Line

Now you start getting your free credits once your Faasos referral code is used by your friends. Your friend gets free 135 credits and you too get 125 free credits. If you an Elite member, you will get 150 free credits after your friend’s first order.


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