[4 Steps] How To Delete+Deactivate Facebook Account (Permanently)


Hy readers, This is Gaurav from Geekyarean.com. In today world privacy matters a lot than anything. If you have privacy when you secured. You need to maintain your privacy status so that your information should not go to third-party apps or websites.

Facebook Have over billions of user on their platform. They have data of about half of the world. They keep eyes on us every time. Do they see what we do? What we search? What do we like? On what we are interested?

Even, what you don’t know about yourself, Facebook knows that also.

So, In today’s era, it’s important to update your privacy status so that your data could not be stolen by any third party people or websites.

If you think of deleting your Facebook account then you are not a single person that want it.you may have your personal reason to delete your Facebook account. but if you want to come back to Facebook after some days and you want to be away from Facebook for a month or two months. then you can do that also.

Facebook allows us to deactivate in delete account both. We can do both things. Many of my users ask me What are the difference between deactivating and deleting the account?

This is one of the major question asked by many users.

So today, I will first tell you how to delete your Facebook account. Then I will explain to you About deactivating or temporarily deactivate your Fb account.

How to Delete Facebook Account?

Deleting your Facebook account is too easy you can delete it without any much effort. Facebook has features that if you delete an account it will take 2 months to delete it from the server. It gives you 60 Days to come back and use Facebook services again.

Step to Delete Fb Account:

delete Facebook Account

  1. Kindly Log In to you fb Account. Go to Facebook.com and Fill your Id and Password which you use to login your account.
  2. Now, Go to Settings of Facebook.
  3. Choose the General Option.
  4. Click on Manage Account.
  5. Press the Delete Button. It will take a few days for deleting your account from the server.

Few Things you have Noted: Don’t login your facebook account between that period otherwise, your same account will be recovered again. Then you will have to request again for deleting the account.

This was all about Deleting the FB account.  Now let’s understand how to deactivate the Facebook account.

How to Deactivate Facebook Account?

Deactivating is much better than Deleting your facebook account. If you want to deactivate your account then what you have to follow the Steps given below and you will able to delete the facebook account.

First Understand What happens when we deactivate our facebook account.

When you deactivate your facebook account then it got disabled for some period of time. You can access it by log in your facebook account again.

What Things will Change when you deactivate your Account?

  • Your Profile will disappear from Facebook. No one can search you then in facebook.
  • Your Chat or Messenger apps will work. Using Messenger will not reactivate your Facebook Account.
  • Photos will disappear.
  • No one tag you after deactivating your facebook account

Step to Deactivate Fb Account:

Deactivate Facebook Account

  1. Log in to your Facebook account.
  2. Go to your settings.
  3. Under Manage Section. Go to General
  4. Now, Click on Deactivate Account.
  5. Select your reason. Click on Proceed

You are done now. Now Open when you want to activate your facebook account.

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