The Coolest Smart Kitchen Appliances

Everyone is trying to make their home better and better by adding new appliances to their home. As the kitchen often called the heart of the home therefore many people pay more attention toward the kitchen.

These days many smart appliances for the kitchen are available in the market. These smart appliances make the kitchen more attractive and highly equipped. To work in such types of kitchens is very easy, even for an inexperienced person.

These appliances can be controlled with smartphones, Alexa, Google Assistant, etc. These smart devices are smart refrigerators, Rotimatic roti maker, smart microwave and many others which altogether make smart kitchens.

Some of the smart kitchen appliances are mentioned below

1.    Smart Microwave: A

Smart microwave is the microwave oven that connects to your smart home network usually via Wi-Fi. Some people think that microwaves are only for reheating the food and pop up a bag of popcorn but this microwave has many functions that make it smarter.

You can control cooking in this microwave by using your smartphone. These microwaves use moisture sensors to avoid drying out food and can communicate with you through your smartphone.

These smart microwaves can be controlled through smartphones, voice-controlled with help of Alexa, Google Assistant, etc. Some other benefits of these microwaves are mentioned below

  • Smart microwaves can also scan the barcode on packaged food and automatically download the proper cooking instructions.
  • Cooking can be started from anywhere with the help of a smartphone and give alert to you when the food is ready
  • These microwaves have an LED touchscreen interface, with the help of sensors it increases the size of the screen whenever you are nearby and display and cooking status and other information.
  • Tracks the daily routine and most commonly cooked food, provide information regarding this food.

2.    Roti Making Machine:

The most difficult work of the kitchen is making chapatis. Many people face problems in making perfect and round chapatis. Moreover, an experienced person is also burdened whenever guests sit at the dining table and demanding continuously more chapatis.

Rotimatic solves all the problems of making chapatis. This is a machine which makes the chapatis and this machine is very simple in use. With the help of this, you can make chapatis faster as compared to the traditional methods of making chapatis. Roti making machines are very useful in the kitchen and get some reviews of rotimatic from people who are using this machine.

3.    Smart Coffee Making Machine

It is very difficult for a person to wake up in the morning and make coffee. If we simply order the machine to make coffee, it makes the morning more comfortable. In this, you do not need an app for it because it is simply operated with the help of Alexa, Google Assistant.

We have to give a voice command to this machine and your coffee is ready without rolling up from your bed. Some other benefits of this machine are mentioned below

  • This machine makes our life comfortable and easy.
  • You do not need to leave your guest alone to make the coffee, you simply give the command for making coffee and your machine makes coffee for you.
  • This machine is very reliable in use.

4.    Smart Refrigerator

Refrigerator is the basic need for a kitchen. How many companies are providing Smart refrigerators. Samsung, LG, GE are making smart refrigerators which connect with your smartphones and smart gadgets.

Samsung is providing a big LED screen on its smart refrigerator which can be used for watching TV, downloading recipes, and listening to music, etc. These smart refrigerators give indication whenever the door of the refrigerator is left open.

This makes things easy for the person. Some other benefits of the smart refrigerator are mentioned below

  • This smart refrigerator gives indications like ice are running out, the quantity of milk is running out.
  • This helps in purchasing groceries as we can see inside the refrigerator while shopping with the help of inbuilt camera present in the refrigerator.
  • These refrigerators set their temperature according to the things preserved in it.
  • Moreover, these refrigerators are energy efficient as they use less electricity.

5.    Magnetic Racks

Some time-space is very less in the kitchen and space management is the biggest problem in such kitchens. Therefore managing space here we have magnetic racks. The things which are spread here and there in the kitchen should be kept in these racks.

The backside of these magnetic racks has a magnet and can be easily hung on the sides of the refrigerator. These racks have further extensions containing hangers for hanging towels and other clothes, racks for small boxes. Some other benefits of these magnetic racks are mentioned below

  • These racks make the kitchen more attractive and impressive.
  • It helps in managing space and prevent things from spreading here and there in the kitchen.
  • These racks do not damage the color of the surface on which racks are attached.

6.    Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser

Technology makes things easier and now we no need to touch the hand soap dispenser. Automatic hand soap dispenser has a sensor and whenever we put a hand below the nozzle of the dispenser it releases soap on the hand.

Hence we do not touch the dispenser therefore there is no chance of spreading bacteria. There is no need for any app for operating this dispenser as this contains only one sensor for detecting the hand. This dispenser makes kitchen hi-tech and highly equipped.

As technology is increasing day by day and making things smarter. These smart appliances make your life easier. Moreover, operating these smart appliances are so difficult we have to download small apps for operating these appliances or can be controlled with the help of Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.


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