What Are Common Injuries Seen in Truck Accidents?

Car accidents can be very dangerous. Truck accidents can be devastating given their size and the cargo they carry. This means that truck accidents can also cause a bevy of injuries that can have lasting effects. If you’re ever driving a truck or driving near a truck, take care with your driving decisions so nobody ends up suffering these injuries.

Wrongful Death

An accidental death is one of the worst things imaginable. Especially one that could have been prevented. You might not be able to turn back time, but at the very least, you could look for a truck accident lawyer to assist with navigating the legal avenues to receive compensation for the affected family members.

But most importantly, it is hoped that any survivors of the accident learn the dangers and become more aware of driving responsibilities so nothing like this ever happens to them again.

Brain and Head Injuries

A very common injury in truck accidents is head injuries that could also affect the brain. A concussion is very common in these scenarios and can happen whenever an extreme amount of force is applied to the head. Your hands are usually on the wheel, and your feet and legs under the steering column, so they are less likely to get bounced around, at least compared to your head.

Especially in the case where airbags and/or seatbelts malfunction or are simply not used, these are very serious injuries that could very well lead to death or permanent damage (so use your seatbelt!).

Broken Bones

A truck accident can be very forceful, pushing smaller cars around without much effort. This could lead to crushing, flips, collisions with buildings or other cars, and other dangerous scenarios. This could lead to broken bones in the occupants of the vehicles and major repercussions if medical attention is not received in ample time.

Broken bones could also make moving victims dangerous, as it could cause them more harm while they are being moved. It’s a very tough call to make in these situations if you’re not a trained professional, so unless a victim is still in immediate danger (like in the middle of the road with high traffic), it is best to try to mitigate the danger rather than trying to move them.

Cuts and Lacerations

With vehicle collisions, things like broken glass and sharp pieces of metal are bound to happen. These can cause deep cuts that cause serious bleeding. Even a cut that isn’t that deep could be problematic, and infections are also a concern if medical attention isn’t received as soon as possible.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where either you or someone else has been impaled by vehicle debris and it’s partially inside the body, refrain from trying to pull it out if you don’t have medical training, as this is another common mistake that could end up doing more damage to the person.

Spinal Injuries

Seeing as how your back is pressed directly against the back of your car’s chair, it is vulnerable to impacts, especially from behind. Spinal injuries may not be immediately identifiable in the commotion, but an injury to your backbone is very dangerous, and might even lead to the loss of sensation or use of limbs.


One of the dangers of car accidents is leaking gasoline if the gas tank is ruptured. But this is even more dangerous in a truck collision if the truck is carrying combustible materials. A leak of flammable materials as the result of an accident can cause severe burns to victims.

Even a small fire can be deadly if people happen to get trapped in a burning car. Notwithstanding the flames themselves, smoke inhalation is also another problem to deal with.

Given these possible injuries that could happen with truck accidents, it’s incredibly important to remain vigilant on the road at all times and always follow the rules of the road. Most accidents are caused by carelessness and inattentiveness. Don’t be the person that causes a truck accident just because you weren’t paying attention to the road.


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