How A CMMS Software Can Make Your Preventive Maintenance Program More Effective

Industries have many assets and machinery. They help to bring profits to the company. If any machinery gets damaged, it can affect the output, profits, morale, and the reputation of the company.

Companies are doing everything they can to prevent damage to equipment.

To reduce downtime, you need proper maintenance of the critical assets and equipment. Timely maintenance leads to lesser downtime.

With a properly planned maintenance program, a company will face almost zero downfall due to asset failure. Such maintenance leads to higher production for the company. Hence, a maintenance program is essential for uninterrupted production in any industry.

What is Preventive Maintenance?

Preventive Maintenance refers to periodic inspections of assets and identifying any possible breakdown before they occur. Preventive Maintenance is primarily scheduled based on time intervals, usage intervals, or depending upon the condition of the assets.

Preventive Maintenance is mandatory across many industries. Additionally, many legal authorities and regulatory bodies can also impose fines and penalties for poor standards. It is also necessary for maintaining a safe environment for workers to work in.

Preventive Maintenance is vital for any organization, but still, many companies are unable to implement it properly. As a fact, CMMS software can help you to improve your preventive maintenance program.

What is CMMS Software?

CMMS is a software designed to facilitate and simplify the operations of maintenance management. It stores the maintenance data in its database and provide all kinds of recommendation, reminders, and information needed for seamlessly carrying-out a maintenance job and prevent any sort of asset breakdown. CMMS software has a well-designed database for all kinds of purposes and industries.

How CMMS Software Can Make Your Preventive Maintenance Program More Effective

Planning Preventive Maintenance becomes a lot easier with CMMS software. It automates the process of initiating work orders based on the asset’s predicted lifetime.

CMMS software can help you reach the maintenance goal that you want to achieve. It can help you significantly improve your Preventive Maintenance program.

Let us now look at some CMMS benefits that can help improve Preventive Maintenance.

Scheduling Maintenance

Keeping track of all preventive maintenance programs and performing them within time is difficult. However, CMMS software can help you turn the tide. It can provide timely reminders of preventive maintenance to the technician and maintenance crew.

Once you set up the system by providing all the necessary information, the software will automatically initiate the work order based on the information provided. Along with timely reminders, the system will also provide other necessary information such as the procedure, permits, manuals, and safety measures.

Preventive maintenance software also offers the option to create a preventive maintenance checklist. Through the checklist, the company can create a step-by-step maintenance procedure for their maintenance personnel to follow.

Reduce Expenditures

Without a proper Preventive Maintenance plan, companies end up spending a lot on maintenance. This is mainly because of the uneven management of the inventory. Managing inventory with CMMS software can solve this problem.

Preventive maintenance software gives you more control over your inventory. It makes it much easier for an individual to track equipment. By undergoing some maintenance, you can easily repair the items back its original condition.

Timely repair prevents you from overstocking and also lets you know when a product will soon be out of stock so that you can restock it in advance.

Preventive Maintenance done with the help of CMMS software saves a lot by preventing any breakdown in the first place. It helps you plan and prevents maintenance issues before any major breakdown occurs, which can take away much of the company’s budget.

Preserves Maintenance History

Preventive Maintenance is not a one time job. You might have to do it at specific intervals.

Preventive maintenance software helps you to keep maintenance records and makes it easier for the maintenance personnel to plan the next maintenance.

When you have a detailed report of when and how the maintenance was performed, tracking the asset’s functionality and preventing breakdown becomes a lot easier.

CMMS software stores every maintenance record. Even when some parts are within its warranty period, CMMS software will let you know.
You don’t have to remember its previous malfunction or warranty period. All records are properly stored in the CMMS database.

Asset Data

A Preventive Maintenance CMMS software helps to track asset data over time.

As you conduct routine checkups and feed the data to the CMMS software, you prepare it for risk management. The Preventive Maintenance software takes the asset data and analyzes current operating conditions, such as wear and tear, tension, and friction, through statistical data. Thus, it will help determine the longevity of every part of the equipment depending on the working conditions.

The preventive maintenance software will help you determine the parts that need to be replaced in machinery with the response to these parameters. It will help you keep the machine running smoothly without any problems.


All maintenance tasks must be done while taking care of safety protocols to prevent any form of injury.

When the place is safer to work, the maintenance crew can function more efficiently. CMMS software is designed to spread awareness of safety protocols and health regulations. It helps to get rid of accidents and reduces delays.

The CMMS software lets your maintenance personnel know about the risks associated with a designated task and makes them stay prepared for such accidents.

Moreover, Preventive Maintenance software helps the management to track health and safety-related information directly through the system, without any paperwork. If any employee feels unwell or cannot perform a hazardous task, you can replace them with someone who can take up the task.

Furthermore, CMMS software can keep your crew safer by streamlining training activities and letting them know about the safety standards of maintenance tasks. Additionally, CMMS can also help to delegate tasks to employees, enabling swifter completion of tasks.


Preventive Maintenance helps to protect organizational assets from damage. It is a difficult task to perform, considering the amount of equipment, and assets in an organization.

However, if you have the best Preventive Maintenance software, there is nothing you need to worry about. It will take care of your preventive maintenance through timely reminders, asset data analysis, and raising safety awareness.


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