[5 Steps] How To Change Facebook Name (With Pictures)

Change Facebook Name

In the present time, millions of people make their accounts on Facebook. Many people make an account with their real name, so many people make accounts by the name of Fake.

How To Change Facebook Name

Now those who make their account with the name of Fake, they want to change their name after a few days. Facebook account with the name of Fake; you will no longer be able to reach the day long because Facebook has now become very much against the Facebook Fake account.

But there are still many Facebook users who do not know how they can change their Facebook name. That’s why we thought why not share its complete tutorial with you all today.

Change Facebook Name

If you have also created a Facebook account with the wrong name and you want to change that name, but you do not know how to change the name of the Facebook account, then follow the steps given below, then you can quickly change the name of your Facebook account without any problem

Step -1:- First of all, log in to your Facebook account. Now on Facebook’s Home Page, you will click on the icon of a drop-down menu in the bottom right of your right side. You will now have many options in front of you, but you have to click on settings.

Change Facebook Name


Step -2:- As soon as you click on the settings, you will redirect it to a new page that will be showing your name in front of you, and the right side will have an edit button. Now you can click on that edit button.

Change Facebook Name

Step -3:- Now whatever name you want to change, fill in these three boxes first, first name, middle name and last name after filling all this, you can click on Review Change.


Change Facebook Name

Step -4:- Now you will have a pop-up open in which the name you want to change will be displaying it, and it would have given you two options. You had a name filled in the box, and one will be in reverse, then now you have made your final decision. Enter your Facebook account password and click Save Change.

Change Facebook Name

WOW! Now your facebook name has changed once you refresh your page and see that your facebook name has changed or has not changed. We confirm that your Facebook name must have changed.


In today’s guide, we have shared the entire tutorial on how to change your Facebook name. If you follow this step by step, then you can change your Facebook name very quickly.

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If you have any problems changing your Facebook name, then please comment in the comment box below and tell us if you are having trouble, then we will help you.


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