10 Best Video Call Software For Windows and Mac

best video call software

Video chat is a fun thing to do. It helps you to connect with people and have a face to face conversion in a virtual world. But, if you are not using the best video call software, your experience not going to be the best one.

And when it comes to video calling software, there are way too many options available. But choosing the best one among them can be a difficult job. Hence, to help you out I am going to list a couple of best video call software for you.

So let’s just go ahead and have a look at them:

Best Video Call Software

1. Skype

Skype is one of the most popular video calling software available out there, and its been on the internet for ages. Downloading and using the app is also free. Plus, to get started with this app, you will need a Microsoft account.

It comes with an easy to use interface and has lots of handy features. Also, you cannot just have video calls, but you can also use it for chatting. Along with that, there is Skype pro available, which allows you to call on any mobile number from anywhere in the world.

2. Facebook

I am pretty sure you have heard about Facebook. After all, this is one of the world’s biggest social networking website. Over the years, Facebook has gained a lot of features and changed itself from a social networking website to a website for everything. And video calling is one of the main features that Facebook has. If you are connected with your friends over Facebook then you can use the video calling feature to have a face to face conversion. The feature is available on mobile messenger as well as on the web version itself.

3. Google Hangouts

You can also try using Google Hangouts. Google is a company that is popularly known for the search engine. But the company also offers you quite a lot of other products too. And Google Hangouts is one of them.

Google hangout is a messaging platform by Google, and it allows you to have a video chat. To get started with this, you will need to have a Gmail account. Also, you can access the service by login to your Gmail or download the Google Hangouts application on your computer.

4. Talky

Talky is also the best video call software that you can check out. This one is one of the simplest video chatting application that you can check out. The best part of Talky is that you do not have to download any software. Nor will you need to sign up on the website.

Instead, you need to head over to the website and enter a name for your video chat room and hit the Start Chat button. After that, you will be able to share the link with other users so they can join you in the chat room. Also, the website can be used for having a group video call.

5. Wire

Wire is developed by the same engineers who have developed Skype, and it is an open source software. And it is one of the best alternatives to Skype. The app comes with an encrypted feature for conference calls and video calls.

However, the only drawback of the app is that you can only talk to a person at a single time. And it does not support group video calls. Also, you will be able to create work and personal profiles and switch between profiles based on your needs.


WeChat is also one of the popular messaging apps available out there. The app was only available for the smartphones only. However, now you can download WeChat for Windows and Mac. And using this app, you will be able to video chat with your friends.

Getting started with WeChat is pretty easy. You will have to download the WeChat app on your PC and then sign up for w WeChat account. Also, your friends will need to have WeChat account too. So you guys talk to each other.

Plus, the best part is that it supports group video call. And you can get started free of cost.

7. Viber

Just like WeChat, Viber is also one of the popular messaging platforms available out there. However, it is a mobile app that also has a desktop client. But the thing is that, you will need to sync your desktop app with your mobile.

So it is important that you have the Viber app installed on your phone to have video calls. Getting started with the app is also free. But the step is a bit complicated than other ones.

8. Zoom

If you are looking for a video call software for a video conference, then you can check out Zoom. This app can be used for online meetings, trading and technical support, webinar, and so on. Also, you will be able to create collaboration enabled conference rooms and it supports cross platform messaging and file sharing. However, it is not free to use app. Instead, it comes with a price tag.

9. GoToMeeting

As you can see in the name, GoToMeeting is specially designed for meetings. With the help of this software, you can instantly join, host or manage a video, audio, or web meeting from a conference room. As well as the software supports cross platform, and it is available for your Mac, PC and mobile devices. However, it is not free to use the app. Instead, it comes with a monthly subscription.

10. Any Meeting

In the end, I have Any Meeting. This one is a powerful online meeting solution that is built for businesses of all sizes. Also, the app is available for desktop and mobile devices, and it offers you cross platform support. Along with with that, it offers you the highest HD audio and video quality, interactive collaboration tools, and artificial intelligence capabilities. So if you are looking ahead to enhance your online meeting experience, try this software.

So, These were the best 10 Software to video call. Other than this if you ever feel bored and want to random video call with strangers. There are many such sites where you can video chat with strangers.



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