Top 8 Best Travel Gadgets!

best travel gadgets

Have you ever imagined traveling without gadgets? Does this not tell you about the importance of technology? Well, yes, a thousand times yes. From basic pieces of technology like headphones to fancy gadgets like Kindle, we all have our needs and preferences when it comes to entertaining ourselves. A long haul flight, or times when one is stuck in traffic, what comes to our rescue is not a superhero but a gadget- a stupendous boon from technology!

Let’s, therefore, get into naming some of the best travel gadgets that are absolutely indispensable when it comes to traveling!

1. Noise Cancelling Headphones

There are just so many times when you shut off the world, like completely and try getting lost into a chimeric that’s beautiful and completely rejuvenating! No, we aren’t talking about an island, we are talking about noise-canceling headphones that give you an effect of the same sort!

Now, there are basically two broad types of noise cancellation – one in the microphone(s) and one in the headphones themselves. The first type helps the person on the other end of the line to hear your voice clearly. Meanwhile, the second is meant to protect from the outside barring noise. Noise cancellation can be active as well as passive. The latter one is provided because of the given design of the noise-canceling headphones. Whereas, Active noise cancellation uses more advanced technology to combat noise. Sony and Bose are supposed to be the leading brands in here. However, there are other good and cheaper brands, providing you with an almost similar effect!

2. International Travel Adapter

An international travel adapter fits the plug into the wall socket, while the travel converters the electrical current from 120V to 220V or vice versa. The reason why you might need an international converter would be because you are traveling with a device that isn’t dual voltage.

You often face a common issue that rather frustrates you all the time, that is, Electrical standardization- the one area where not much has changed since the original national standards. This is set by each country and is therefore different. The best one being the Epicka Universal Travel Power Adapter at Amazon.

3. Multi USB Charger

Simple, a multi USB charger for your multi electronic devices! These multiple hubs let you charge any type of gadgets phones, tablets, iPods or other devices enabling fastest charging speed which is up to 2.4 amps per port. This not just saves time but is also your go-to solution while traveling.

You can easily buy them from shops or online, depending upon your port needs.

4. Power Bank

Well, traveling is so not possible without your phone and during long journeys, you can surely expect your phone to keep losing its battery life. Thanks to your portable power banks which can help charge your phone very easily. Not just that, you no longer have to stand in queues throughout your journey to get them charged.

The best part is that you can use your phone, while also charging it! Power banks have a good battery store in them- depending on the company to company!

P.s., Remember to charge your power bank fully!

5. USB Bluetooth Speaker

Technology can enable you to carry speakers with you. And that’s the boon we’ve received. Connect your portable speakers to your Bluetooth so that you can listen to songs throughout your journey.

These are quintessentially needed While trekking with friends. After all, who doesn’t like dancing around a bonfire with friends when there is good and loud music!

6. Digital Camera

Photos are an important part of traveling and trust us, your travel diary is always incomplete without a Digital camera. Companies like Sony, Phillips, Samsung, etc have come up with some really amazing digital cameras that make that “larger than life” thing come real for you! Moreover, these days digital cameras are being made with such difference. Like you don’t really have to be a professional with a DSLR to click good pictures. Even a Fujifilm Instax camera would do.

And let’s not forget that this is indeed the era of polaroids where photos are clicked and developed then and there!

7. Car Charger

Well, road trips demand a lot of essentials and a Car Charger is one of them. You can always charger your mobile phones and other gadgets with a car charger. These are available online and aren’t costly at all. Although a good number of cars being produced today offer USB integration, the charging speed of a vehicle charger only offers about 1 amp of output, which is not enough to keep up with a modern-day smartphone trickling out battery life while using Apple or Google maps. Therefore, do look up for various good car chargers before you start on to your travel journey. But trust us, you do need one!

8. Amazon Kindle

To the book worm in you who can’t really carry ten books on a journey, here’s your true redemption! Amazon Kindle is a boon to all such nerds and geeks who can’t really part with literature and the world of reading and knowledge.

With all the practically enhanced and well-designed features, one is to fall prey to a Kindle reading strategy where long haul flights and traffic while traveling via road would never seem like a bore!


Well, well, we seem to have done our jobs pretty well- where we have enlightened you enough over your journey and how much more fun the same can be! Technology has made lives easier for us and therefore, let us all take a pledge where we make the best use of the travel gadgets that are readily available and would be in much use indeed!



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