Make Your System Sound Even Better with These Best Integrated Soundboards

Sound is very critical for any system and device. For PC users, it is always a problem, and they experience many issues by purchasing wrong soundboards and drivers. How to choose the best soundboard and have a perfect sound? Find out from our latest review below.

The Best Integrated Soundboards for Your PC

If you want to have a perfect sound on your computer, then it is a good time for you to learn more about integrated soundboards. Here, we are describing the best products in this category.

#1. Creative Recon3D Fatal1ty Professional

Integrated soundboards are the main rivals on the market for such giant like ASUS, who produce other types of soundboards. Big guys are always trying to come up with innovations and surprise their customers. However, other companies focus on their products rather than their advertisement. Creative Recon3D Fatal1ty Professional attracts many users with its main advantages:

  1. It has a PCI-E interface;
  2. It has six analog audio outputs;
  3. It has a variety of sound effects (such as EAX v. 5);
  4. It supports 24 bit / 96 kHz
  5. It has an intuitive and user-friendly panel with many settings & options;
  6. It has a decent design

According to feedback and comments online, this soundboard is considered to be the best one, and millions of purchases around the globe only confirm this fact.

#2. RME HDSP 9632

We continue to review the best soundboards. The next one is the RME HDSP 9632. The following features explain why this soundboard is very popular among all PC users:

It has balanced stereo analog inputs and outputs (support 24-Bit/192kHz);

  • It features a PCI interface;
  • It supports ASIO v. 2.0;
  • It has 16 channels on 1 MIDI I/O;
  • It has an HDSP Meter Bridge (allows users to have scalable, calculated level meters);
  • It offers a constant number of channels supporting 192 kHz quality (via analog I/Os);

RME presented its newest product, using an intuitive and straightforward interface that helps all users to enjoy the experience of the incredible sound.

Furthermore, once you buy this soundboard, you have access to direct drivers, so there is no need to google for the newest Realtek High Definition Audio Driver. It is also possible to experience the full functionality of this hardware without purchasing additional boards or cables. Although it may work incorrectly with other hardware from top manufacturers (like HP), this soundboard has enough advantages to be your choice.

#3. ASUS Xonar D1

As we mentioned earlier, ASUS is also producing integrated soundboards. They include innovations and new features when it comes to releasing new products. Xonar D1 is not an exception. Here is why this low-priced model is also popular on the market:

  1. It has an intuitive and lightweight PCI interface;
  2. The number of analog audio outputs is eight;
  3. It supports many sound effects, including EAX v.2;
  4. It supports ASIO v. 2.0;
  5. It comes with an affordable price

Naturally, the sound, composition, and box are among the main advantages of this product. Some users mention that the manual switch is the disadvantage, but it won’t bother you if you become accustomed to this model. It is worth mentioning that Xonar D1 has a solid sound quality, which is the most important factor for many users when it comes to purchasing a soundboard. Moreover, you can always get the latest drivers from the official ASUS website.

#4. ASUS Xonar Essence STX

Another integrated soundboard that worth your attention and money is ASUS Xonar Essence STX. Although it has a higher price than a previous example in our review, some advantages make users forget about it:

  1. It has a PCI-E interface;
  2. It has multiple analog audio stereo outputs;
  3. It supports many sound effects, such as EAX v.2;
  4. It supports ACIO v. 2.0;
  5. It allows users to experience quality sound;
  6. ASUS always provides its users with the latest audio drivers, which the sound of your system even better;
  7. Adjustable settings that allow many users to configure this soundboard in different ways for various activities and purposes;

For users who always use headphones, this model is also a good choice. Unlike other models, this one won’t let you experience a headache. ASUS Xonar Essence STX is also a solid model for those who always work with music compositions on different qualities.

#5. ESI [email protected]

The following model of the integrated soundboard also has a solid of advantages for many users, regardless of their level of experience:

  1. It comes packed with two input and two output analog channels;
  2. It allows users to manipulate four outputs and four inputs with 24bit/192kHz (incl. MIDI I/O) at once;
  3. It supports DirectWire 3.0;
  4. It supports optical S/PDIF digital output;
  5. It is compatible with different OS, including Windows, Mac, and Linux;
  6. The PCI card supports 3.3V and 5V PCI slots

Many users reported that they could experience a crystal sound using this soundboard, regardless of their OS.

Additionally, if you install ESI Julia Asio driver, it makes your processors load less than usual. Recently, developers released a new version of drivers that are compatible with Windows 10. You can always on the technical support by the manufacturer, and if you face some issues with this soundboard, it is possible to find quick solutions on the main website. Again, the main advantage of this soundboard is a clear and high-quality sound that helps to experience various sound effects in movies, games, or music compositions.


Now, you can decide what do you need. Make your decision and read all features carefully to make your sound on the PC even better.


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