1337x Proxy & Mirror Site List (100% Working)

Best 1337x Proxy List

1337x ProxyThere are hundreds of pirate content hosting sites surfing on the internet but finding a reliable and working site is quite tiring and above that most of them repack the software and other files with malware. This malware can corrupt your data files and can even steal the data from your system. So, choosing a reliable site is very important and we all know a few sites like pirate bay, torrentz2 but above all of them 1337x is the most preferred site for accessing pirated content.

What is 1337x?

So basically, 1337x is a torrent search engine which provides you magnet links, the torrent file of the desired content whether it is a pdf, movie, application software or anime. 1337x’s user interface is eye candy.

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The torrents are categorized according to their type. The movie library and tv library lets you scroll through a list of shows that you can watch. You can even check out the trending torrent so that you don’t miss out what others are into.

On Flixanity App new tv episode category will show you the list of all the latest episodes of the shows which are currently on air, so you don’t miss the episode of your favorite show if you don’t have a Netflix account.

How to Access 1337x via Proxy Sites?

Pirating content is considered illegal that’s why the government decided to ban pirate content hosting sites and also the sites like 1337x that lets the user access pirate content, I.e., torrents.

There are several proxy sites of 1337x that will let you access the sites that are blocked by the government or the isp. A proxy works as a gateway between the user and the internet. It helps you to bypass filtering and restrictions and allows you to access banned sites.

So, if you are having trouble accessing 1337x don’t worry because here we are providing you a list of 1337x proxy list, the 1337x unblocked site that lets you access 1337x unblocked.

1337x Proxy List

https://1337x.unblocked.lolVery Fast
https://1337x.stVery Fast

All of the sites in the 1337x proxy list are working fine. But if you still get the ban notice don’t worry there’s the other way around.

Accessing 1337x Torrent Proxy via Vpn.

VPN stands for a virtual private network that encrypts and secures your internet connection. In brief, it prevents the FBI to eavesdrop on your internet activity.

To access the 1337 torrent proxy, we can either use

  1. Opera Mini browser for pc
  2. Avira phantom vpn

Opera Mini Browser for Pc

Opera mini is a popular browser with built-in VPN functionality. With the built-in VPN enabled you can access any banned site easily.

  1.  Firstly install opera mini on your pc.
  2. After installing Opera mini browser go to settings and in the search settings bar search for VPN and enable the same.
  3. Once enabled you can click on the blue VPN icon and select a continent of your choice.
  4. Once selected just copy paste any URL from the given list of the 1337x unblocked proxy list above.
  5. Hit enter and hurrah! You can now access 1337x proxy.

Avira Phantom Vpn

Another method to access 1337x torrent proxy if you don’t want to install opera mini is Avira phantom Vpn.

Avira phantom VPN is a software that lets you hide your location and IP address and secures your internet experience. Let’s quickly move on and see how to access 1337x torrent proxy with Avira phantom VPN.

  1. Install Avira phantom vpn
  2. After installing launch the application.
  3.  Now click on secure my connection.
  4. You can also select the location of your choice.
  5. Once selected now head over the 1337x torrent proxy list above and click on any one of them.
  6. You will now be able to access any banned site using the Avira phantom VPN.

1337x Proxy List

Avira phantom gives your free 500mb of secured traffic per month which is more than enough to access 1337x proxy.


Pirating is illegal therefore the government has banned many torrent sites. In this article, we have provided you the list of working 1337x proxy and explained the methods to access them via VPN


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