Are Flip Phones Coming Back in 2020?

flip phones

Most people who own a phone remember when they were all flip top. It was the coolest thing to own a flip top phone and it certainly ranked as high on the Christmas present list.

With a flip top phone all you had to do to answer in incoming call was to open it up and start speaking right away. To end your call, you simply closed the lid.

Flip tops were small, even back then when they first came out. They would easily fit into a pocket or purse. Somewhere along the way, flip tops became less popular with larger mobile phones becoming the rage.

These days your mobile phone can to do much more than back in the day of the flip top phone and because of this the screens are also larger. Often the phone will not fit into a pocket or small purse.

While it’s great to have your laptop, camera, GPS and a hundred other apps at your fingertips, many people may still prefer a smaller phone.

There are two tech giants who are presently working on introducing a flip top again. Samsung and Lenovo figure that people want a slim design as well as a flip top phone. The idea is that, while keeping the larger screen, you would be able to fold the phone to fit into a pocket. The phone would be small enough to hold in one hand, and that’s what phone users really want.

While there is a need for a larger screen to view movies or see who is knocking on the door at home, there is also a need for a phone to be more portable and fit into a smaller place or pocket.

Of course, making a phone that can handle all the required apps as well as fit into a top pocket is like having your cake and eating it. However, it is something that users can look forward to in 2020.

Samsung has for many years been considered to be one of the leaders in phone technology so they will be the one to watch in the coming year. The Samsung flip phone – Galaxy Fold – comes with a screen of 7.3” and is thinner than most other models.

The interlocking hinges are nicely hidden away and when the phone is opened it becomes a tablet. Right now, what users want is the screen size as well as the portability and that’s what Samsung is setting out to do.

When Samsung asked their users what they wanted from a phone, most replied that they needed a screen which was durable and did not crack when dropped, but they also wanted a phone that could fit into a small space. Certainly, they wanted a phone that could fit into the palm of the hand and not look like they were holding a book at their ear.

As we speak all the major smartphone companies are working on foldable phones which form a large screen when opened, and a small area when closed.

To Sum Up

Once one smartphone company gets its teeth into an idea, you can expect the others to follow. This bodes well for phone users who may well find that next year they see the re-introduction of flip top phones.

With this next generation of smartphones, we will have the best of both worlds. They will be small enough to carry easily, and large enough to still hold all the data and apps that we fill them with.

2020 is going to see a whole new type of mobile phone and while they may be expensive at first, the prices will come down to where every user can easily afford one.


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