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Amazon Quiz Answers

Amazon Quiz Answers: Hmmm, you have come back to the Geeky Arena again, so you have come here to get some useful information.

You may have come to know from today’s title that what we are going to share today if you want to get a good product free from Amazon, then you will participate in amazon quiz.

Now we will make your all amazon quiz easier. Now, we will share all the answers to the Daily Amazon Quiz on this page on the Daily Morning, so you can quickly indicate the Amazon Quiz

First of all, we need to learn more about Amazon quiz Contest. Amazon quiz is a question-answer contest. Amazon India organizes this contest in their application. In this contest, you have to answer some questions

Many people give correct answers, but Amazon gives at least 1 and more than five people awards. This contest depends on your luck. If you are lucky then you can definitely win, if not, then even Amazon gives some free gifts.

This contest daily organized from 8 am to 12 pm, but there is a condition in which you can not play this contest in the browser. For this, you have to install Amazon applications so that you can participate in this contest.

Now everyone understands what is amazon quiz contest if you want to correctly answer at 8 am then bookmark our site and when amazon quiz live we will send you the notification immediately.

You will get answers to all the questions right away and you may win the Amazon Quiz

How To Participate & Play Amazon  Quiz

This contest is 100% free in which you can join easily, you do not have to pay 1 rupee. If you want you too to participate in the Amazon Quiz Contest and become Winner, then Follow the procedure given below.

Step 1:- first of all you need to download and install Amazon application on your phone. If installed then go ahead and If not installed then install it

Step 2:- Installed? So now you open the Amazon application, if you have an account then log in, if not, then create an Amazon account.

Step 3:- Now as soon as you open the application, you will see the Amazon Quiz banner on the Amazon homepage, click on it

Step 4:-  Amazon will redirect you to a quiz page where you have to give an answer to the Amazon Quiz
Now you will see a Start Button, you have to click on this button

Step 5:- Now the question will come to you in front of you and after answering all questions, you do nothing, after some time Amazon will share the winner list itself

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Amazon Samsung Galaxy A7 Quiz Answers – 

We did exactly as we said. We have updated the Answers on this site only 5 minutes after the arrival of the question which has been given below
Now you can easily answer all questions of Amazon Quiz

1. Entomology is the science that studies Insects.

Answer: True

2. _ is a central Asian sport in which horse mounted players attempt to drag a goat or a calf carcass towards a goal. Fill in the blanks.

Answer: Buzkashi

3. Bile, which aids the digestion of fatty acids, is produced by which organ in the human body?

Answer: Liver

4. The Mars Mission ‘HOPE’ is scheduled to be launched by 2020. Which country’s probe is this?

Answer: UAE

5. This is a horseshoe-shaped zone found along the Pacific rim, where around 90% of the world’s earthquakes occur. What is it known as?

Answer: The Ring of Fire

Amazon Associates Question and Answer

Take a closer look at how you can enjoy being an Amazon fan. Instead of merely a buyer in Amazon, you can expand your horizon and earn some money while at home.

Do You Want to Be a Part of Amazon?

How can you be a member of the biggest marketplaces in the world? Amazon opens its doors to affiliate marketing. With Amazon Associates, you get to be part of the mega-brand. Amazon itself is renowned, powerful, novice-friendly, and reliable, running one of the biggest affiliate programs worldwide.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Amazon Associates?

Amazon comes with incredible opportunities and negative sides. That’s why you’ll find alternatives to Amazon affiliate program that might also interest you. For a risk-free affiliate marketing plan, it’s worth knowing the limitations of Amazon Associates.


  • Amazon is a trusted and well-reputed brand with a vast range of product variations and robust delivery service.
  • Almost all types of products are available because Amazon is a massive marketplace, giving you access to anything you want to buy and sell.
  • With the extended benefits of Amazon’s affiliate program, you can easily expand your revenue because Amazon set rules to get everyone benefited.
  • Aside from your products, you can also promote other products and get profit.
  • Amazon is highly supportive. If your target customers don’t buy anything, Amazon sends them follow-up emails to help them finish what they had started.
  • Amazon is a safe and secure marketplace for buyers, sellers, and affiliates.


  • Amazon has a low affiliate commission – from 4 to 10 percent only.
  • Cookies for Amazon only last for 24 hours, which is not an ample time for readers to decide whether to buy or not. Other affiliate networks allow a minimum of 30 days of cookie settings.
  • Amazon doesn’t really love PayPal in paying their affiliate, making marketers who reside outside the United States find another mode of payment.

Final Words 

You must definitely bookmark this site if you want to win the Amazon Quiz Contest. We immediately upload answers to all questions of the Amazon Quiz Contest on this page, which you can easily answer to all questions.

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