Advantages of Using Face Masks in 2020

2020 has seen a sudden surge in demand for masks online in India, and this is majorly due to the ongoing Covid-19 virus pandemic happening globally. The world saw a sudden shortage of masks during the initial phase of this pandemic and now with several companies and factories pushing production to their maximum that surge in demand has been met.

These masks prevent people from harmful pollutants in the air and from viruses in the air to a great extent. These masks are now days recommended for everyone as they prevent asymptomatic people also from spreading the virus. These viruses spread in the form of airborne particles, and these masks block them by forming a protective layer.

  1. Homemade mask: These masks are recommended for someone who does not have the luxury of buying a clinical mask online. They offer very little to none protection against viruses. These masks are only useful to stop the spread of viruses. These can be easily manufactured by sewing cloth into the shape of a clinical mask. These should be washed regularly. Tutorials for making such masks can be found online on various government websites.
  2. Clinical masks: These are usually worn by medical professions during surgery or other activities to catch bacteria and other pathogens released from wearers body. They are generally blue and white or green and white. They wrap around loosely around the face and thus do not completely protect the wearer from inhaling the virus contaminated air. They also are unable to filter out the small particles which carry COVID-19. People can find these types of face mask online at various e-commerce websites.
  3. Multilayered Masks: It is said that when N95 masks are not available, people can opt for multilayered masks as these masks can prevent from exposure to some extent. Experts point out that double-layered masks can boost filtration capacity up to 40% whereas triple-layered can filter up to 70%. Five layers can triple the filtration process.

Many apparels companies have started manufacturing these masks as N95 are reserved for people in the healthcare sector battling COVID. You can find these masks widely available at general stores, medical stores, and online as well.

  1. N95 masks: These masks are generally produced for industrial workers and other workers who deal with small airborne particles daily. In 2020 demand for these masks skyrocketed and the whole world saw a shortage of their supply, even the people working in the health care sector. Since then, various companies have ramped up their production and supply since it has become quite stable.

These masks wrap around tightly around the mouth of the wearer to provide the utmost protection as these masks don’t allow the wearer to breathe in the contaminated area or zone directly. These masks function when worn correctly. They are tested precisely by the manufacturers before giving them out to the public for the function they perform. These masks are reserved for medical professionals in the frontline battling the virus but can be found online at various stores.


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