Advantages of Using Custom Font Plugins on WordPress Sites

custom font wordpress

WordPress is a content management system for creating websites and pages and allows you to make posts without having to go through the complex process of creating one from scratch. The app/website is easy for beginners and can help you develop further for all your ventures. It is not always that the content alone makes an impression on your reader, but the font also matters and creates impact. The WordPress font plugins provide you the smooth functioning of your website.

WordPress Font Plugins

Your web design always depends on the kind of font you decide to use. The more pleasing or used to and comfortable your readers are with a certain font, the more traffic you may receive on your website. There are many wordPress font plugin you can use to optimize your site and make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Some WordPress font plugins you can use are given below so that you can check them out.

  • Fontsy
  • WP Google fonts
  • Google Web Fonts for WordPress
  • Type kit Fonts for WordPress
  • Simple Drop Cap
  • TinyMCE Advanced
  • Greg’s Threaded Comment Numbering
  • Colorful text widget

The file format for the downloaded fonts can be otf, ttf, or woff. The font file can be up to 25 MB and they will be converted automatically in WordPress.

Advantages of Using Custom Fonts

You might want to update your website for better user experience so that the font you give in is easy to read, matches well with the style of your page, identifiable at both large and small sizes, and makes it very aesthetically pleasing.

  • Better user experience, ultimately leading to traffic boosting for the website.
  • Google fonts are available for customizing along with premium WordPress themes.
  • Writing code can be avoided as WordPress font plugins offer improved typography even simpler for beginners.
  • Build your profile so that you can stand out from other website designing styles.
  • Have a unique brand recognition with a particular font.

There may be fonts that are used very commonly yet preferred by the readers a lot, hence you can also go for these fonts instead of aiming at uniqueness. But through persistence and endurance, even though it may take some time once you have been established, having a WordPress font plugin customized by you and you only can prove to be efficient for recognition.

Steps to Add Plugin

You can follow these simple three steps to add a WordPress font plugin to your system easily.

  1. First, Install the Fontsy WordPress Plugin from the site
  2. Upload the WordPress font plugin to your browser
  3. You can use the Customizer to choose the font of your liking and apply the font.

Final Verdict

Customizing your website is always necessary for improved performance benefits and fonts also play a good part in it. There are many WordPress font plugins you can make use of pretty easily to impart improved features on your site content. You can also have fun customizing and reap the benefits later on.



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