Adoption of AI and Robot in the Coronavirus Era

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2020 has been considered nothing but a disaster until now. With life-shattering natural disasters occurring on all parts of the world to the more deadly inception of Coronavirus in the entire world. Declared as a pandemic on March 11, 2020, by the World Health Organization (WHO), this virus has no proper vaccine to date to control its spread. Millions of people have died all around the world due to this virus.

The symptoms of this virus are not very extraordinary. Normal day-to-day coughs, fever, tiredness can be symptoms of this virus. More severe symptoms include chest pain, headaches, sore throat, loss of appetite, etc. you can refer to the official site of WHO to know more in detail about the symptoms.

The virus is said to be communicable. It is transmitted through human interaction. You sneeze near someone, hold hands, touch faces, cough, etc. these all are modes of transmission.

In such a situation it is very important to abide by the rules of social distancing. But the question arises, what about all the workplaces where hundreds of people work together- factories, hospitals, administrative offices, courts, shops, etc. people earn their daily bread from their workplaces but the situation has compelled them to stay indoors.

How do we keep the work going? how do we keep the economy stable in such times? There must be a zillion questions in your mind. But, a very smart and reliable answer has been found to these questions. The answer is the adoption of Artificial intelligence and robots in workspaces in the coronavirus era. Using deep learning technologies along with robotics and artificial intelligence can play a crucial role in future development of machine vision systems.

This is not a new invention that we haven’t heard about. Artificial intelligence(AI) was being developed by scientists for a long time now. Prototypes of the same were launched in many spheres to see the success rates of the robots, drones, etc. with the current situation demanding dire need of social distancing, there can be no better time than now to introduce AI in workstations. Be it hospitals, factories, pharmacies, shops, etc.

AI can do most of the work which involves human interaction and thus greatly reduces transmission of the virus. AI can’t possibly have all programs to work independently in a hospital or any other workplace, but they can be controlled and guided by a human to do the work of a person in real.

For eg. in hospitals, the AI can check up on the patients while the doctor or nurse controls their movements. In this way, a safe distance is maintained between patients and doctors, and the work is also done.

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So, we can see that AI can be beneficial in containing the spread of the virus by reducing human contact levels. But, many of you may fear what if they replace you? What if you lose your source of earning?

Well, just to bring clarity to your rising apprehensions, with the help of robots and artificial intelligence we can increase overall performance. And in times of a pandemic, it is wise to think of your safety first. Imagine for yourself- you are a doctor. You have to test a person for COVID-19. Doing this test personally involves risks of acquiring the virus yourself, but what if the robot with you conducted the test for you while you guided it being at a safe distance? Doesn’t it sound much more rational and safe?

In such times, we as humans need to picture and work together for the greater good. Embracing technology at the moment can prove to be beneficial as it reduces risks of transmission. Also, possible chances are there that if we can contain the spread and reduce the number of patients, we may be taking bigger strides towards establishing our previous lives more sooner. Thus, the adoption of AI and robots right now can turn out to be a boon for humanity.


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